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office parties

Wild Office Parties Are Total Breeding Grounds For Drunk Sex!

Big office parties can get out of hand, especially if there’s a large staf...

CBT, Cock and Ball Torture, Domination, Mistress
household items

Why Buy Sex Toys When You Have so Many Household Items to Use!?

Have you ever used household items in erotic ways? There’s one thing calle...

small penis degradation

A Very Convenient Fantasy for a Little Dick is Small Penis Degradation!

Do you have a thing for small penis degradation? One of my all-time favorite cal...

racial humiliation

When Racial Humiliation Makes Your Cock Hard During Taboo Times!

What comes to mind when you think of racial humiliation? Are you a dirty perv fo...

armpit phonesex

I Love a Man Who Loves Some Raw Animalistic Armpit Phonesex!

A very real and fun niche is armpit phonesex! The first time a guy asked if I co...

rug munching
bar bathroom sex

Some Bar Bathroom Sex Can Make Your Entire Night If You Chance It!

Some people think that bar bathroom sex is icky. I, myself, wasn’t sure ab...

dirty floor sex

Some Dirty Floor Sex for a Very Dirty Girl!

Last night my man and I had dirty floor sex. Hot dirty floor sex is seldom plann...

silky gstring

Such Little Fabric to a Silky Gstring and it Drives Them All Mad!

Have you ever seen a girl’s silky gstring peeking out? I know how much my ...

sloppy drunk

Girls That Get Sloppy Drunk are the Most Fun in Bed!

I love me some sloppy drunk sex! Have you ever had sloppy drunk sex? It can be p...

cheerleader ballbusting
edged ruined orgasm

I Love a Giving a Sexy Man an Edged Ruined Orgasm!

 An edged ruined orgasm is a great way to train your sub! Have you ever had an ...

nasty talk

Phone Sex Operators are the Best at Nasty Talk in Bed!

Do you like some real nasty talk in bed, or are you quieter? I’ve always l...

unshaved pussy

Sexy Primal Play With an Unshaved Pussy!

Do you like unshaved pussy? When I met my boyfriend, I was under the impression ...

pussy tasting

Some Hot Pussy Tasting Should Perk Your Lady’s Mood Up!

Who doesn’t love a hot pussy tasting session!? One of my boyfriend’s...

tender nipple play

Some Hot Tender Nipple Play is the Perfect Addition to Your Kinky Sex Session!

Depending on the sensitivity of the nipples, some tender nipple play might suit ...

little strip tease

A Hot Little Strip Tease is the Best Way to Get Blood Flowing to His Cock!

Have you ever received a little strip tease from anyone? Whoever said the way to...

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