Some people think that bar bathroom sex is icky.

I, myself, wasn’t sure about bar bathroom sex. Last weekend, I felt really horny when I went out with a few girlfriends of mine to a new club. I hadn’t had time to masturbate before they came over, so I thought I might when I got home. It didn’t come to that, though. I met a really hot guy at the club, and we had some hot, dirty bar bathroom sex. Not the epitome of class, but sometimes you’re just so horny that you do things you otherwise wouldn’t.

He’d asked me to dance, and we had a few fun turns on the dance floor and then some drinks afterward. He leaned in to kiss me, and he was a great kisser. My pussy started throbbing, and I felt moist. When I was dancing, I could feel my cunt lips sliding against one another as I swiveled my hips. I felt primed and ready for a hard cock to slide into me. I was dirty dancing with him and just bumping and grinding.

He knew I was hot and horny.

I wasn’t even trying to hide how I felt with my body movements. I felt so slutty, but I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bathrooms. Obviously, sex in the bathrooms was hardly encouraged, but it was not unexpected. One of those larger accessible stalls was big enough for a wheelchair, so there was plenty of room. People were coming and going, and I didn’t really pay attention to them.

Yes, they knew we were going to have bar bathroom sex, but we weren’t the only ones! He pinned me against the wall and ran his hands over my body. My nipples were hard as he grabbed and groped my breasts. His tongue slid into my mouth as I felt the hard dick in his jeans press against me. I could feel his hands inching my short, tight skirt above my hips. I then felt my panties being pulled down, falling to the floor. Then, I stepped out of them and reached to unzip him.

His hard, large cock sprang out and bobbed in the air for a moment.

He then guided it into my waiting, dripping cunt. I gasped as he stretched me and thrust into me. He continued to kiss me deeply and passionately as he fucked me. I raised my arms and grabbed the wall of the stall. I knew whoever was in the next stall would likely smirk at the shaking wall beside them. You could hear the hustle and bustle of the club over our bar bathroom sex. The muffled music beyond the door, people coming in and out, flushing toilets, running water, laughter, and talking.

I wasn’t too worried about holding back moans and groans. It all blended in with the sounds around us. My dirty bar bathroom sex was a bit unromantic, to say the very least, but it was sure getting the job done. One of my legs was slung over his hip, and my hands grasped the wall of the stall. He pounded into me. His cock grazing against my clit with every thrust. I moaned as he brought me closer to orgasm. This stranger I’d only met thirty minutes ago and only knew his first name.

This bar bathroom sex deal was so seedy and sordid.

It was making my cunt a raging inferno of orgasmic need. I could feel his balls swell with cum as he pummeled my greedy pussy with his dick. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, and he picked me up, so I wrapped both legs around him. He thrust, and he thrust, and my clit took his cocks abuse until it couldn’t stand it any longer. I cried out as I reached the edge. Then, I came in a torrent of his juices and mine. I could feel my clenching cunt muscles milk every last drop out of him.

I felt like a true whore having done this. Having this bar bathroom sex. His cock withered within me, and he withdrew. He thanked me, zipped up, and left. I sat on the toilet and peed as I let this strange man’s cum drip out of me. Then, I scooped up my panties off the floor and tucked them into my purse. I shuffled out the door, washed my hands, looking around to see if anyone was staring at me. This wanton slut who’d clearly fucked a man in a toilet stall. No one was paying me any special mind. I left and went home.

At least I wasn’t horny anymore.

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