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Think deep into your lost mind – have you ever been mesmerized by a woman? Not just her beauty, but everything about her? It makes you want to give in to anything she wants and needs. She is the one that gets under your skin with her extreme beauty and intoxicating personality. It’s so hypnotic, that you won’t know how to act or feel.

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Consequently the other day – a first-time caller needed to explore his hidden desires to be controlled by a sexy and sensuous woman like me. I reassured him that everything was confidential and our little secret. I would always be his OneSexySecret. He told me a little about himself – a very sweet guy, just a little on the shy side. I was very eager to explore his hidden dark taboo side. All he needed was the experience of a sexy, alluring, and sensuous woman.

Softly, I whispered in his ear and my hypnotic voice took over him

In any event, we could explore your need for forced fem, pegging, cuckold, or even ass worship fetish. <Wicked LiL Laugh> I enjoy the pleasures of a man’s mind and tongue. Without a warning, I captivated him with my hypnotic soft, and sensuous side teasing his every desire.  Soon he would feel my lips against him, as I continued whispering the erotic fantasy in his ear.

Simultaneously he wanted me, as much as I wanted him. We leave no stone unturned with mutual masturbation and sensuous JOI. For this purpose softly his hand glided up and down his cock.  Consequently, in his mind, there was no other woman for him. All he wanted was for me to wrap my soft lips around his cock. I continued stroking his cock with my hand, as my hypnotic words took him completely under my spell.

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