Daddy little girl


I reminded myself “I am Daddy little girl and must always mind him.” So, when Sir called me I had to obey his summons. When I turned the corner and saw him…

He was motionless his face darkened with a desire intense. His eyes gave off a ferociousness, the look of an angry man with an owie. His lips curved into a slight grin of Smugness. He has a right to the smugness, though mostly hidden when flaccid, when he is erect, he is very well endowed.

My eyes got big. “It is too big… again it will be painful…” the little girl part of my mind thought “And so much pleasure,” the primal part added.

With a whimper, I swallowed hard. His hand grasped his masculine rod, slowly stroking it with a groan.

I felt juices rush out of my most private spot. “Just looking at him made me wet myself”

“Strip kitten” he commanded in a harsh voice.

“Yes Sir” I simpered but did not move as I stared,

“Aren’t you supposed to obey Daddy little girl?”

He said in a gentler tone as he looked away and he reached for his glass of red wine.

“Yes Sir” I whispered and quickly undressed and sat on the little wicker foot stool. Sir likes to look at my body sometimes, but my eyes follow his every curve.

He was sitting nude on a high bar chair at the eating bar of his kitchen. His plate of spaghetti showed that my arrival had interrupted his meal.

I stood there naked and nervous. Looking down I could see my own inner thighs glistening. I had to obey him because he is my daddy. And I do, I trust and love him unconditionally.

I belong to him as a sex kitten being guided, molded, and grown exactly as he desired me to be. My tiny nipples and clit were so tight and hard they hurt.

My body trembled, as I was waiting his orders as I knew he wanted me to do. But what he said caused me to start full-on shaking with anxiety from anticipation.

“I want you to come here and suck my cock while I finish my wine.” He stated. Twisting his body to look out the French doors at the lake.

He repositioned his outer foot to the next rung on that side of the bar chair. Leaving a wide-open area for me to be in. his balls hung lower in his sack so I knew he was a LONG way from cumming. And from the look in his eye, I wondered if he was going it was going to be all night again.

Sir’s stamina and control meant that he could prevent himself from cumming till he chose to. And it was rare for him to choose to within a couple of hours. But occasionally his choice was to fuck me all afternoon, all evening, and then all night. Hours passed when I would beg for a break from cumming.

He would just say “You cum for Daddy Little Girl

until Daddy decided you have had enough cummies. Daddy loves that tight incest pussy But I think we will start by giving you some face fucking orgasms

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