Forbidden sex

Forbidden sex, drugged by one she trusted. She is too innocent to suspect, too ignorant to resist. He instigated it so she would ravish herself upon his body.

She was naïve to have accepted the drink. Nothing had tasted wrong with it. So, she did not suspect. Why would she? She trusted completely with an openness that was being taken advantage of.

Suddenly her body was enflamed with a hunger she did not understand. She had never felt like this in her young life. When she walked out from washing her hands, it was as if his body was a magnet and her eyes lodestones.

The devil is tempting her with a lust that beckoned dark and forbidden. Kisses hot, delicious. So sexy and forbidden. She felt wild completely out of control.

She wanted him to be out of control. Just the way she wanted him so full of lust for her that he couldn’t think, just like she is for him.

She could feel the liquid heat in her pussy, dripping for him now. Needing his cock to fill her empty hollow.

Kissing, her mouth moving over his, her tongue wrestling with his. Her hands pushed at his jaw, feeling that rough bristle that made her thighs tingle. The stubbled face inflamed her even more.

His steel-hard cock was enflamed now, and she needed to feel the heat of that monster in her. Turning to straddle him, her silky church dress bunched up around her waist. Her bare ass slid along his thighs as she leaned forward begging.

“Tell me what you want me to do. I need your cock in me.”

“Your slutty nature is perfect. I’m going to lift you up. You’re so ready to be fucked”

He held her so that his cock pushed at her pussy entry in demand. His fingers biting into her hips. But it was she who drove downward hard, unable to stop herself from impaling herself on his cock.

As he filled her body, pushing through her tight muscles, burning, stretching her pussy. She flung her head back, gasping for breath as pain and pleasure together flooded her body. Overwhelming her mind.

His strong hands lifted her hips up, pulling her towards his body he rubbed her clit with his body. His cock stretched her pussy. She had never felt such overwhelming pleasure as this forbidden sex. There was a burn, like lightning but that added to the heightening of her craving.

As her body tightened in shocking pleasure, he thrust himself into her. Trembling she rocked up and down claiming his cock. Taking him ball’s deep.

He could not stop the groan that was ripped from his soul. Her pussy was hotter, tighter than anything he had ever felt.

Her pussy started to spam in waves as her first orgasm built more intense. The sound of his voice rumbled up his shaft triggering a powerful orgasm around his thick cock. As her pussy clenched on his cock, locking them together his cock was bathed in liquid heat.

She felt his pleasure as her cunt seized his cock like a scorching hot wet silk fist. His fingers bit deep forcing her to be still though she needed to move.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” He said

Again, his voice triggered a deep contraction, her pussy clasping his cock hard, dragging him even deeper though he wanted to keep control. He was so close to losing control and cumming. Her young body knew what it needed. She nearly cried from the pleasure, she instinctively knew she needed to move, to rock her hips on his cock.

Leaning forward slightly he slid his arms under hers. Grabbing her shoulders from behind, he drew her down and flush with his body. Her breast crushed against his chest. His lightly furred chest rubbed her nipples adding to her pleasures.

He buries his face in her neck as more liquid slid like a wave over his balls. He growled into her neck his stubbled cheek rubbed her neck.

“This will be an all-nighter of forbidden sex ” and again his voice triggered an orgasm. This one was so forceful it squirted from her coating his body in her nectar. “You are in for a night of hardcore rough sex

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