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I’m the hot age play incest tease that Daddy and my brother couldn’t refuse. Growing up I always thought of myself as being an evil young girl. At a very early age, I knew I could control myself with my tight young body.  I had ALL the power.  Let’s just say, I never had a problem exploiting a man’s weakness with my young tight wet pussy.  Furthermore, my tight round ass was the perfect “ASS-et” (Wicked LiL Laugh)  to destroy any man.  C’mon, you can’t resist my cute little tight ass, perky little tits, and perfect little bubble butt. Furthermore, both my father and brother couldn’t resist my naughty age-play incest temptations. As a result, I had the complete reign of the house and ALL the men who entered my fortress of pleasure.

Realistically the first sexual experience starts in the home. A lot of people just don’t admit it or are afraid to say it aloud.  Sssh don’t worry this is a safe place.  You can tell me all the secrets you have kept hidden for years.  Maybe you have played with Mommy, sister, or your daughter?  Come share your real-life incest experience with me. Judgment FREE Zone – Fantasy or reality

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Besides everyone knows that Incest is best! Furthermore, keeping it the Family always makes for a happy home. Over the years Daddy and my brother couldn’t keep their hands off of me. Why would they want to? Especially when we would play at any time we got a chance.  Sometimes I would bring my friends over and play the perfect accomplice to all their needs. Besides, my young friends loved sharing my daddy and brother with me. Who could ask for anything more?

Our playtime was perfect especially when we would play in the pool or before bedtime. My daddy would pat my butt with his big strong hands and touch me in his secret special way.  He loved playing with my little friends the same way.  While always treating my little friends in the same special way. Soon they would all want and crave cock 24-7.  Just like potato chips – “You can’t eat just one.”  (Wicked LiL Laugh) Furthermore feeding daddy and my brother’s naughty needs always came first with Age Play Incest. For this reason, I would always be their naughty little princess feeding their kinky needs!!

By the same token, I would do anything to get their attention – positive or negative. I loved keeping our playtime “Fresh” with new ideas. (Wicked Lil Laugh) I would manipulate them into licking and fucking my sweet young body anywhere or anytime. Do you think you would control yourself if my friends and I were teasing you?

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After all, our quality time was always filled with sizzling hot adventures. Sometimes Daddy or my brother would slip into my bed and slide a finger into my pretty pink panties to wake me up. While other times they would wake me up with a tongue deep in my bald pussy. Meanwhile, I couldn’t resist when they would rub their cocks against my pretty little lips. While slowly I would wrap my little fingers around their cock and effortlessly slip their dick into my mouth. Always paying close attention to the next step of teasing and licking around the head. Soon I would glide my tongue down the side of their shaft, as I was getting ready for the best part.  I would deep-throat their cock like a champion.

In any event, the sounds of pleasure would echo through the house for hours. Being a good little girl was easy. Being a bad girl was even better.

In any case, their big hard cocks were not strangers to my sweet young holes.  My puffy pussy lips always looked so good engulfing their cocks.  In and out, as if I was doing it for years. Meanwhile, both kept fucking me, as if I was the star of my little internet porno. Ready to enter my naughty little world?  Let’s explore some of your daddy/daughter, brother/sister fantasies or even hot young girl fantasies. On the whole, I’m very open-minded and willing to rekindle my real-life incest experience with you. Have any Family fun you would like to share? I’m just a phone call away.

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