Like most women, I fantasize about Consensual NonConsensual Sex


Consensual NonConsensual Sex. Have you ever heard of it? Basically, a lady agrees to give all control including consent to another person. To get erotic pain from being used for his pleasure. Where he is with no thought to my own pleasure till it seems abuse. Fucked so intensely I am left feeling bruised.

I must say I sure love causing myself to be used, abused, and bruised. One of my favorite tricks to drive my lover wild is how I dress. Dressing classy, and kinky, and how I behave is guaranteed to bring out the caveman in the man.

I do love my lingerie but when I am in the mood for some sexual mischief. I never wear any under a loose flared skirt. Then all night under the table reaching undercover every chance I found. I tease and torment my date’s cock. Kept him leaking, his cock crying from craving me.

The goal is always for a wet spot to show me proof of how he walks around aroused but when I can KEEP it wet for hours then, I know he will be at the edge.

That way as soon as we get home I will get the consensual nonconsensual sex that I crave…

As soon as I open the door. He suddenly grabbed me at the waist, pushing me forward in a walk fast. Walking me backward to the chair.

He twisted me around shoving me face down into the cushion where my ass was over the chair arm. He reached one hand under pinching my nipple tugging rolling it. Causing lightning to sizzle through my body. That was so intense it was hard to breathe.

And I cried out with need.

Suddenly he flipped my dress up over my back bearing my nude ass to the cold air. That groin that I had teased and tormented all night was still hard.

I don’t know if he unzipped or if he simply pushed his pants down but his actions suddenly caused lightning strikes to hit my clit.

Abruptly he slammed his cock balls deep. Claiming me with a savage barbaric power thrusting in and out as fast as a thought. His cock was heavy and thick. It stretched me with a burn which only added to the blaze that burned deep within me.

It’s no wonder consensual non-consensual sex turns me on so much.

Quick as a snake strike, I was spun around. Before I could even realize what was happening, he had my dress off over my head and lifted me in the air. I was forced to grab his neck as he dropped me. Letting my weight impale his cock fully.

Helpless to stop I ground down over his cock. Moving up and down. His hands gripping my ass. He helped lift me up and down. I just took pleasure in letting my head fall back as I was fighting up and down that thick hot shaft covered in velvet.

His cock seems to radiate a blaze hotter than any furnace I was about to squirt. This lord of lust with his grower not a shower cock knows how to make a MILF Squirt. Then I was laid face down over the edge of the bed. I vaguely had a thought that I may be in for Surprise Brutal Morning Sex after this Consensual NonConsensual Sex all night I knew it was going to be…


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