No question is “too taboo” for MY relationship advice hotline.


Even though it’s good and fine to consult friends and people in your day-to-day life, everyone could use a relationship advice hotline sometimes. Most of the time, having the opinions of people around you CAN be helpful. But maybe you don’t want to air your “dirty laundry”? I understand. And best of all, I’m a “third party” who isn’t involved in whatever situation might be going on. So, as much as a neutral feedback source can exist, it’s me!

Having someone to confide in who will TRULY listen to your perspective is priceless. It’s not like everyone has a longtime, trusted personal therapist. My own therapist stopped practicing a few years ago and I do miss talking to her uninhibited every week. However, the reason I really “clicked” with her, doctor/patient-wise, was that I always felt like she particularly liked me. I’m predisposed to be a LITTLE biased in your favor, just because I do play favorites. And if you’re calling my relationship advice hotline, I already like you.

Even a beautiful phone sex goddess like me has “relationship issues.”

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Apparently no matter how pure-hearted or politically woke or whatever you are, relationship problems persist. I’ve had my share of getting my heart broken, and if you’re overwhelmed by whatever conflict you’re having with your spouse or girlfriend, we can commiserate, too.

And as far as calling me instead of asking your friends or coworkers what they think, there’s the reality that maybe they aren’t the best at giving relationship advice. I love my best friend, but we have VERY different ideas about relationship stuff and romance on pretty much every level. I’ve been a phone sex operator for nearly a decade, and I’ve counseled all kinds of callers. My family always told me I should grow up to be a therapist, and, well, I pretty much am. Minus the seven additional years of school. And minus the sitting in a hierarchy-creating, sterile, and joyless office environment. You know, the one where I sit with a clipboard and pen in a chair across from you and pathologize you.

I won’t pathologize you when you call my relationship advice hotline.

There’s a widespread belief that if you’re calling a phone sex hotline, it’s always just to jerk off. And hey, you can jerk off to your heart’s content throughout, of course! But it’s also normal and common to just talk about things that are hard or impossible to talk about with ANYONE else. Enter me, your dream phone sex therapist.

Catharsis is just ONE call away. Or at the VERY least, someone who cares and is interested in you and your struggles is RIGHT here. If you’re looking for a no taboos and no limits relationship advice hotline where we can say and do ANYTHING, you just found it. Maybe your treatment will include a fun role play? Turning whatever mundane and/or all-consuming, soul-crushing drama from your “real life” into theater could be a creative release. So what are you waiting for? There’s only one way to find out!


Aileen Phone Sex Kingdom Queen of Mean