Hollywood is full of pedophiles and sick mother fuckers.


So many scandals out lately about Hollywood’s latest pedophiles. Yeah, I’m sure most people judge me for my profession too. Being a phone sex operator full-time; who gets nasty fuckers off for a living isn’t exactly “god worthy” in some eyes. For the most part, I strive to be a safe place for the sick freaks to let it all loose… but sometimes I come across a disgusting pedophile who truly deserves no mercy. Some perverts don’t deserve to feel pleasure without pain. But me, I love relishing in the pleasure I get from torturing men, especially pedophiles. Even more so, when I feel the itch to unleash all this pent-up aggression for men that are truly nothing but a waste of oxygen. It’s like my form of therapy, my shameful release.

What sparked my enjoyment for torturing men like you?

I’ll never forget the first time I stumbled upon the movie “Hard Candy.” Perhaps that is the domino that lead me to admit that I love torturing men, especially pedophiles. It’s a psychological thriller about a 14 year old girl, who meets with a photographer who has a dirty, shameful secret. Little does he know, this teen girl is just as sick and depraved as he is. She tricks him into thinking she’s the perfect prey. But jokes on him, because she’s clever enough to drug him and take control. After she has him vulnerable and helpless, she reveals that she’s known all along that he’s nothing but a lying, closeted Hollywood pedophile. You would have never known this sweet, innocent teen could take advantage of a grown man. But she does it so well, you can tell she truly loves to torture men.

This little bad ass bitch, blackmails him into writing a full confession… that alone invigorated me in ways I can’t even begin to can’t explain. But she doesn’t stop there, she torments him in the worst ways possible. Stripping him of his man-hood right at the balls. Making him think she’s chopped off his disgusting, worthless cock and grinding it before his eyes in the garbage disposal. It gave me the biggest smile, the happiest feeling deep-down. To see a man, get what he deserves. That’s when I realized just how much even my body loves torturing men, especially pedophiles.

Her sheer ruthlessness inspires me to torment men in the same, horrible ways

She doesn’t stop there… in fact she gets him all the way to the peak of his existence: on his roof-top with a noose around his neck, and a full-written confession. To which he can face legal punishment for or take the “easy” way out and do the world a favor… jump. Hahahaha poor disgusting pig, getting owned by a cute little vengeful teenage girl with a knack for torturing men, especially pedophiles who deserve it. I fucking loved the defeated look on his face as he faced his own demise. The consequences of his own actions when he realized deep down how fucked he was. It Invigorated me, made me feel powerful and gave me a release I never knew I even needed.

Now I work closely with perverts of all professions – and every once in a while a desperate dumb-fuck hits my line up, thinking I’m going to hand his depravities to him on a silver platter. Pretend to be his sweet little teen slut, little do you sick fucks know… I am nothing but the perfect prey, waiting to fuck you up. So, perverts beware, call me at your own risk. I’m not afraid to tell you the truth and walk you through your own demise step… by meticulous step. Because my dirty little secret is: I love torturing men, especially pedophiles.


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