Have you ever seen a girl’s silky gstring peeking out?

I know how much my boyfriend loves my sexy, silky gstring, so I made sure to wear it on our date. He’d seen me peel them off of my body when I’d been about to climb into bed with him. He always remarked on how sexy they were. Red is his favorite color, so I got one for him to drool over. I’ve seen him look at girls in front of him wearing jeans with the “whale tail” peeking out. You know, where the top of the silky gstring forms that shape. So many guys are always peeking down girls’ jeans to see if they can catch a glimpse of it.

Our date went beautifully, dinner at a nice restaurant and then back to his place. I slipped out of my dress to reveal stockings, a bra, garter belt, and heels. I spun around, showing him the sexy, silky gstring, and he loved it. Needless to say, it was off of me in mere seconds. The good stuff was obviously underneath the silky gstring. My shaved pussy awaited his attention. I lay back on the bed, my legs splayed open for him. My pussy lips were already wet and opening for him to savor.

He kissed up my legs from the tops of my feet to my inner thighs.

He was making me wait for his hot, wet tongue. I kept bucking up towards him, wanting him to lick me without asking for it. He does love to tease me and kiss me everywhere but my pussy. I was squirming with the need to feel his mouth on my cunt when he finally gave me what I wanted. Then, I felt him lick my stiff clit and then begin to suck on it lightly. My silky gstring really did a number on him. I wrapped my legs around his neck and pulled him into me, and he was covered with my fragrant wetness.

He sucked, and he slurped, and he teased me until I came all over his face in one loud, glorious moan. Now that he’d gotten me sufficiently warmed up, he climbed on top of me. He slid that hard, magnificent cock of his into me. The silky gstring did it every time. I reached down and squeezed his ass cheeks and pulled him deeper into my cunt. Then, I bucked up to him so my clit met his cock with every thrust. I felt like I was floating; the pleasure was so exquisite. To stretch me open and make me feel so wonderful.

I clawed at his back and bit his neck lightly.

He liked it a bit rough, and so did I. Then, he reached down to the floor and picked up the silky gstring, and smelled the crotch of it. He made sounds of delight as he took in my scent. He told me to open my mouth, and as I did, he stuffed the tiny silky gstring into my mouth. I could taste my own cunt juices on it. I’d tasted myself before, after masturbating. He loved it when I did that; he thinks it’s so sexy. I sucked at the crotch of them until all the taste was gone. I pulled them out of my mouth and gave him a deep, wet, long, passionate kiss.

He said he could taste my pussy on my lips, and it turned him on tremendously. We rolled over, and I was suddenly riding him, grinding my clit against his hard cock. My tits bounced up and down as he played with my nipples. My pussy made wet sucking sounds as I rode him up and down. The sounds of our moans and the squeaking bed filled the room in a most sensual manner. I loved fucking him, and I knew his love of my lingerie certainly made it more pleasurable for him.

I tried to get a new silky gstring occasionally to arouse him.

He got me some too. I’d say those gifts were more for him than for me! As I got closer to orgasm, I bucked harder and faster against his dick. He held open my pussy lips as I rode him, further exposing my clit. It felt so good. I was so wet. His cock and balls were just slathered with my wetness. I knew after I came he’d be back down there to clean me up. He also loved cream pie, the naughty boy. I knew I was about to cum, so I went even faster, and that did it. I went over that edge of ecstasy and came.

My pussy clenched around his cock, milking him into me. It was hot. He shot quite the load into me. My silky gstring always gets him going.

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