There’s no shortage of callers that like gloryhole gooning.


Many are married and find these seedy adult bookstores and adult toy shops that have private booths in the back. Some claim to have sucked off hundreds of random gloryhole gooning men. They’ve never seen their faces or know their names, just some anonymous cock that comes through a hole. They get on their knees or sit on some little seat in there. Willingly take the penis of an unknown stranger in their mouth. One man who was extra kinky said he would go into booths looking for used condoms. Some booths have peep shows, and some use a condom to make less of a mess. He said he’d rummage through garbage cans and get them and drink them.

He was likely making that up, but it just goes to show the mentality of people who are into gloryhole gooning. Opposite to exploring lesbians! Some offer up more than their mouths, they offer up their asses as well. One said the holes are large enough to fuck someone through. He related how one night he sucked off three men and was so horny afterward. He saw yet another cock come through the wall and he bend over and backed up to it. Then, he said his little man pussy was soon filled to the hilt with a cock as thick as a can of pop. He couldn’t walk right for days. His hole stretched to the max by the man through the wall. So many who call with such tales are exaggerating, but they want these things to happen to them.

Their fantasies are quite vivid and well thought out.

Many gloryhole gooning areas seem to be lacking in smaller towns, as many callers want to visit them, but there are none. They mention having to go to larger cities to get their craving for cock fulfilled. The pull to suck random dick is apparently strong. They watch glory hole porn and stroke and call to talk about it. One called last night, apparently with a belly full of fresh cum. He’d gone to an adult toy store because he was so horny and he was looking for cock. He found what he was looking for. He went into a backroom booth and it wasn’t long until a cock came through the wall. Then, he reached out and stroked it. He felt it throbbing in his hand.

It was drooling precum and he said he wanted to taste it, so he did so. He said the clear drops were sweet, like cotton candy. He licked up and down the shaft and swirled his tongue around the head and popped it into his mouth. Then, he took the entire length of it down his throat and swallowed it as much as he could. He gagged on it and the man on the other side of the wall was bucking with pleasure. His mouth was full of cock and he said his dick was straining against his pants. He didn’t want to do a poor job though, so he waited to please himself. Then, he was getting fully mouth fucked by this man and loving every minute of his gloryhole gooning.

He worked that shaft until he knew the man was gloryhole gooning.

He wanted to make sure to swallow every drop, so he placed the tip at the back of his throat. Then, he felt the hot jets of cum squirting down his throat and he swallowed it. Then he licked the deflating cock clean. Sure a cock sucking pervert he is. Most gloryhole gooning scenarios seem to satisfy so many callers, it’s a wonder all towns don’t have them. Some callers that live near highways go to the sex toy shops that often are near an exit. They said the truckers alone keep them full of cum. I guess driving all the time they are away from home and horny. These glory holes are a quick fix for them. They stop in, get sucked off, and then back on the road a lot more relaxed than when they stopped.

I’ve asked them if they ever see the faces of the men they go down on, and most never do. Whatever gets them off, I suppose.

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