Many ask if I have had some exploring lesbians experience.


I can certainly say, my time exploring lesbians was worthwhile. I know that turns a lot of men on. So many call and confess they are watching lesbian porn when we talk on the phone. The idea of two women together sexually just excites them no end. I did have a few lesbian experiences back in my younger days. One was actually with a cousin, which is extra naughty. Many summers were on the farm of my aunt and uncle. I really liked this cousin, she was a couple of years older than I was. I stayed in her room, she had twin beds, but needless to say, many times we doubled up. One night laying in the dark she asked me if I ever touched myself before going to sleep.

I was reluctant to answer, since I was embarrassed. She said it was ok, she did it too. So I felt more comfortable talking about it. This was the gateway to exploring lesbians. We started to masturbate before bed together. She in her bed, and me across from her. Then one night she asked me to get into bed with her. We lay on our sides, facing one another in the dark. I felt her hand slip down between my legs. I tensed up at first, but then relaxed as she started to stroke me. It felt different having someone else touch me there. I liked it. He warm hand on my soft, wet pussy felt wonderful. I soon eagerly parted my legs for her. I would get so wet as her fingers would explore my young cunt and play with my clit.

We had to be quiet, since we didn’t want her to hear us.

I certainly couldn’t be moaning out loud in orgasmic delight as my own cousin fingered me. I would buck my hips back and forth to meet her strokes and she knew just how to touch me. She’d rub my clit in little circles until I felt waves going up and down my body radiating pleasure. It was with her I learned I was multi orgasmic. She’d make me cum and then rest a while. Then her fingers would start up again and in a moment, I’d be cumming again. Biting on my lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. She asked me one night if I’d allow her to kiss my pussy. I was a bit nervous to do more than finger playing, but I was curious about exploring lesbians. I said it was ok. She said I could always tell her to stop if I didn’t like anything.

So she knelt down between my legs and started to kiss and lick me. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven it felt so wonderful. She was one dedicated pussy licker, and her mouth latched onto my cunt and worked it until I exploded. I loved the way she’d tease, and tease and tease. So lightly, just making me beg for her to finish me off. She liked to get me teetering right on that brink, practically quivering, before allowing me to go over. She French kissed my pussy, sliding her tongue in and out of me. I gripped the sheets with my hands, wrinkling them up in pleasure. Her working on my clit, nursing on it, drove me insane and had me loving exploring lesbians.

She’d take it in her mouth and I came so hard exploring lesbians.

She seemed to prefer to give me pleasure than ask for it in return. She would masturbate freely, but I didn’t do the things to her she did to me. There was a dildo that she kept hidden under the mattress. She was afraid her mom would find it, but she never did. She’d use that on herself and on me. I loved when she’d penetrate me with that while she’d suck on my clit at the same time. It was very pleasurable. I have so many fond memories of those summers at the farm, after my time as a temp secretary. I didn’t think at the time these were “lesbian” experiences, but they certainly were. It just seemed like secret fooling around stuff. I think about exploring lesbians to this day when I masturbate.


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