How do you feel about rug munching?

Last year my boyfriend asked me if I’d ever tried rug munching. I laughed and said no, but I’d be game if the right opportunity presented itself. He then asked if I’d be up for a threesome. That a female friend of his that was bi had told him she thought I was really pretty. Would a threesome be possible with us in the future? He’d been fuck buddies with her at a few different times when they were both single. It never was romantic between them.

They were friends and had both wanted someone to fuck, and it just worked out for them. I’d met her a couple of times, and she seemed nice. She was attractive in a tomboy, androgynous sort of way. He invited her over to dinner last week, and we all agreed on what was happening. It went very well, much better than I expected it to, actually. I wasn’t totally sure before she came over if the night would end in rug munching. Regardless, I’d gotten some new lingerie in case it did.

She had the same idea, apparently.

Since she was wearing a pretty and obviously new bra and panty set. We made our way to the bedroom after a stimulating conversation and stripped. She knew I’d never been with a woman before, and she was patient with me. My boyfriend wanted to watch us play for a while before he joined in, which was fine. She had me lay on my back on the bed, spread eagle. She slowly and sensuously ran her fingertips gently over my body, avoiding my breasts and my pussy. I wished she would start rug munching!

I literally felt tingles go up and down my spine as she did so. I was getting very aroused at her touching me. Then she did the same thing with her mouth, kissing me all over, avoiding my breasts and my pussy. I was practically writhing at my desire to have her touch me in those places. I looked over, and my boyfriend was slowly stroking his cock as he watched us on the bed. She knelt between my legs and breathed on my pussy before she began rug munching.

I could feel her hot breath on my skin.

My wet cunt opened like a flower for her mouth. She carefully parted my already opening lips and exposed my clit, wiggling her tongue on it as I watched. She met my gaze and continued to lick me and stare into my eyes. I let my head fall back in pleasure and just let her do the work she was so obviously good at. Her rug munching skills were prolific. I knew she had lots of experience from how well she did it.

I became bolder as my pleasure grew, so I put my legs over her shoulders, and she really went for it. My boyfriend was stroking himself harder as he watched her go down on me. She licked, and she lapped, and she was about to make me explode from her oral administrations. She inserted two fingers into me and moved and twisted them as she suckled on my clit. I soon came, and hard. After this, I knew I had to try it.

I’d always wondered what rug munching a girl would feel like.

I asked her to come straddle my face and lower herself slowly. I French kissed her pussy and loved the taste of it. Then, I grabbed her ass, pulled her further down onto my face, and stuck my tongue right up her juicy twat. She moaned with delight as I did so. Rug munching was fun. I could hear my boyfriend’s wet dick in his hand as he masturbated. That wet, slapping noise was getting faster and faster as he watched me lick pussy for the first time.

I teased her by just using the tip of my tongue on her clit and circling it over and over. She started to really buck against my face as she was about to cum; it was hot. We lay there panting, and then I felt my boyfriend climb onto the bed to join us. He got on his back and told her to get on top of him and ride him, and he told me to sit on his face. I was soon licked to my second of many orgasms that evening. I knew this was the start of a very satisfying relationship for the three of us.

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