When my hunky brother and I were in our teens we masturbated a lot!


Rubbing it to my hunky brother was one of my favorite after-school activities. My parents were still at work for a few hours and I usually had the house to myself. Sometimes Daddy stayed late at office parties. My hunky brother, who was just a year older than me, usually had sports after school. He had hockey in the winter and baseball in the warmer weather. He wasn’t home often until my parents would get home from work. I’d go to my room, usually horny, and strip down and bring myself to orgasm a few times. I had plenty of privacy and I used to look forward to it each day. I’d be looking at the clock on the school room wall and think, I’ll be masturbating in an hour. Ah, the good old days!

Imagine my surprise when one day I was masturbating and all of a sudden my brother was in my room. I was so focused on how good I was making myself feel, I hadn’t heard the door open. I was just about to cum when I opened my eyes and saw him. He was staring intently at me and I noticed he had quite the boner in his pants. I froze and was like a deer in the headlights. I didn’t know what to do, hand on my pussy. He whispered, “Don’t stop.” Although I was frozen with shock, I’d literally been on the edge of cumming when I noticed him. I slowly started to rub my pussy again and it started to feel good again.

Then, I heard my hunky brother unzip, and I turned my head.

I saw he was taking his cock out and joining me. He had a larger cock than I’d imagined him to have for some reason. It was hard and his hand was stroking it as his eyes were fixated on my hand and my pussy. The head of it was glistening from the sunlight coming through the window. I recall seeing those shiny drops of precum hanging onto the tip of his cock. He smoothed them over it to make it slippery. Then, I wondered how it would taste. I was so bad having such thoughts about my own hunky brother. I wanted to reach out and grab his cock and pull him over towards the bed and lick it.

Then, I came and his eyes were like saucers they were so wide. I softly said I could cum again in a few minutes. He nearly stopped stroking he was going so slowly, waiting for me to start up again. Once that post orgasmic pussy numbness wore off, I started again. I slowly started to rub again, smearing the wetness from my orgasm all over my cunt. My clit was so stiff and I started to buck my hips. I was really grinding the middle finger of my right hand into my clit. I like a firm touch. I’d alternate from rubbing in fast little circles where my hand was a blur, to up and down strokes. You could hear those squishy cunt noises as I masturbated. I knew another orgasm was right around the corner.

Then, I rubbed and rubbed and curled my toes in anticipation.

I arched my back and bit my lip, my hunky brother looked so excited to watch me. All of a sudden I screamed out and he came at the exact moment. I saw jet after jet of his cum arcing through the air. It landed on a sweatshirt of mine that was tossed on the floor. There was a fair bit of cum. I wondered if it had been a few days since he’d cum. I laughed and he looked embarrassed at the whole situation and blushed as he left the room. We didn’t talk about it. He went back to his sports and I went back to enjoying my privacy after school. A few times though he did come home and we repeated our little masturbation scene. It never went further.

I thought of sucking his cock many times when I’d masturbate, but it never got to that. It was hot to think of and did provide me with lots of masturbation material to think of.

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