Big office parties can get out of hand, especially if there’s a large staff.

Christmas office parties can be even crazier since so many are drinking. Last weekend we had a pretty raucous Christmas party, and most folks brought a spouse or significant other. There were several hundred people there, many of whom I’d never even met before. I felt pretty festive and set my eyes on this really hot guy who had come with a female coworker of mine. She seemed otherwise engaged with a group, so I made a beeline for him.

These office parties were held in a hotel ballroom, and there was a live band and an open bar; things were really lively. There’s just something exciting about sex in a hotel room, isn’t there? I hadn’t gone to the party intending to get laid, but with the hotel rooms upstairs, the temptation was there. This guy and I chatted, and we were both horny as hell. I asked if he’d like to get a room and move this upstairs. I sure didn’t have to ask twice.

I never attend office parties expecting a good fucking.

He was all over me as soon as the doors of the elevator closed. We were kissing and touching and running our hands all over one another. I chuckled to myself, thinking about his girlfriend noticing his absence. I’m sure she had no idea he’d be fucking me tonight. I wondered if he often went to office parties to get laid. Our clothes were soon discarded, and we were on the bed. He was between my legs, licking me. I could feel his eager tongue exploring my already wet pussy.

He was pretty good at this, I thought to myself. He very well may attend office parties just to fuck. Then, he worked my clit with his tongue until I screamed out, pushing his face into my juicy cunt. I came in a gush, and he moved up to kiss me. I tasted myself on his lips, and it made me even hornier. He finally slid his nicely sized cock into me. I liked how he moved and maneuvered me. I could feel him rubbing against my clit with every thrust of his cock. Then, I wrapped my legs around him and started to buck against him.

I knew he would make me cum again if he kept this up.

Then, I reached down and squeezed his ass cheeks in my hands, pushing him deeper into me. I loved how he fucked, and I sure wanted more of this in the future. He suckled at my breasts, sucking on my hard nipples, nibbling at them with his teeth. I bucked faster and faster against him, and I came on his cock. He gave a few more thrusts, and he shot a huge wad into my thirsty cunt. I could feel my still contracting pussy slurping up every drop of his cum inside of me. The people you meet at office parties!

He lay on top of me, his flaccid cock still inside me, catching his breath. We kissed and chatted, and soon the talk turned raunchy. I could feel him getting hard again inside of me, and he started to thrust once more. He was a real tiger in bed. It didn’t take him long to rebound. He was going to bring me to my third orgasm momentarily. We rolled over together, and I was now straddling him. He played with my tits, then squeezed my ass. I know now to expect this behavior at other office parties.

He held my pussy lips open, exposing my clit as he thrust upwards.

It would take a bit more of an effort to cum yet again, but I could manage it. I rocked back and forth, leaning back, my hands reaching behind and resting on his legs. He took his thumb and started to rub my clit, and I was in heaven. It felt wonderful to be stimulated as I was getting fucked. I told him to rub faster, and in seconds I was cumming yet again. Sex in a hotel room is always so satisfying; this time was no different.

He squirted another load into me, and we just lay there for a while, catching our breath. We returned to the party a few minutes apart to not be obvious about our little detour. His girlfriend gave me a funny look, but she didn’t say anything. Our Christmas party fun will be our little secret. Hopefully, we will be able to get together again soon. I had a blast.

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