I quickly became the preferred neighborhood sitter.


When I was in school, I used to be the neighborhood sitter frequently for spending money. It was pretty easy and I liked the extra cash. This one family I used to sit for had a few kids, one of the boys was eighteen. The parents didn’t trust him to look after the younger kids though, so they hired me. He was usually out when I babysat, but a few times he came home before the parents got home. The younger kids were all in bed and he and I would talk. One night things got pretty hot between us. I was watching TV on the sofa, I knew it would be hours until the parents got home. He came in, looking very sexy, and sat down next to me.

He said he’d been at a party, but it had been pretty lame, so he left. We chit-chatted a while and for some reason, he took my feet in his lap. I’d had them up on the sofa, all stretched out. He began to rub them, and it felt so good. Even as the neighborhood sitter, I totally melted in his hands. He rubbed them and worked them until I was practically purring. I think he may have known the way to a woman’s heart is through a good foot rub. I can’t say I stopped him when his hands soon wandered upwards. He began to massage my calves and thighs, and then his hand made its way under my miniskirt. My panties were getting damp as his fingers toyed with the crotch.

I shouldn’t have been doing this as the neighborhood sitter.

I shouldn’t have been screwing teachers either, but oh well. However it felt so good, I simply didn’t want it to stop. Just eighteen, and I was in my early twenties. I spread my legs further for him and his fingers got under the fabric. I could feel skin against skin. His fingers teasing my bare clit. I’d shaved earlier, and was glad to be smooth for him. My clit was just throbbing as he eased his fingers up and down my swollen nub. The wetness was making that squishy noise as his fingers played with me. I moaned with delight. This horny neighborhood sitter with a young man’s fingers in her cunt. I prayed the kids didn’t wake up so I’d have to go see what was wrong. I wanted him to make me cum and not be interrupted.

It was still way too early for the parents to show up, but you never know. People can come home early if something happens. All I knew was I didn’t want his magic fingers to stop touching me. I bucked against his hand. He smirked, he knew what he was doing to me, and I was letting him. I felt his fingers exploring my pussy, moving in and out. I knew he’d certainly done this before to some lucky young lady. His fingers knew what they were doing. I felt waves of pleasure cascading throughout my body as he touched me. Then, I looked over at him and could see the bulge in his pants. I might take care of it, but the neighborhood sitter came first. I was going to cum before he was, perhaps a couple of times.

I didn’t expect to cum on the job as the neighborhood sitter.

He only gave me a few moments to rest and catch my breath before his fingers started up again. I knew the second orgasm was going to be terrific. It never takes me as long to get to the second one as the first. He had two fingers in me and was working my clit with his thumb. I was tingling and quivering as he moved them in and out and worked my clit. He pumped and he pumped and all of a sudden my eyes rolled back in my head. I exploded with a huge orgasm. To think only a few years before I’d been the babysitter for him as well. What a naughty girl I was, letting him finger the neighborhood sitter. He got hot, what can I say? The kids never called, and the parents didn’t come back early.

It was a fun and unexpected way to end the evening. I decided to be a cock tease and not help him cum.

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