Do you have a thing for small penis degradation?

One of my all-time favorite calls is small penis degradation. It’s easy, and it’s fun. Making tiny dick men cry and whimper as I cut them to shreds with my tongue. It is one of the most entertaining parts of being a phone sex girl. I know, it’s not nice to be mean, but some men love it if you are. The tales that some men give me about their experiences with having a small penis are hilarious. Not for them, mind you, but they keep me in stitches.

Do you have a small penis? Does having women laugh at the size of your cock make your little peanut twitch? Small penis degradation might be your thing. Maybe we should call it what it really is, a clitty. This one caller told me how when he meets a new lady, he likes to delay anything sexual with them. Now, if that’s for moral reasons, that can be commendable. If it’s to delay telling them the truth, it’s not. Then it’s just a lie, and you’ve wasted someone’s time. I tell them all when they reveal stuff like this, tell them upfront.

If it’s a dealbreaker, so be it, but at least they have all the info.

Many women hate sex, find one of them, and they won’t care if it’s small. Do you know how many callers are married and haven’t had sex in literally decades? A lot of them. Find a woman like that! One caller into small penis degradation said it would be wonderful if men had how big they were tattooed on their foreheads. Then, imagine seeing men with “four,” “eight,” “one and a half.” That would be hilarious. Think of the laughter in public. “He’s only a two!”

If you have some hopes for some kind of sex, a cuckold situation might be for you, or maybe small penis degradation. You could watch your woman get satisfied by a man with a normal or even larger than average-sized dick. You know: what you don’t have! Then, you could rub your tiny penis and watch her actually feel something when she’s getting fucked. Not like when she tosses a pity fuck your way. When she asks in all seriousness, “Is it in yet? I can’t feel it, is it in?”

You’ve heard that, and it wasn’t even small penis degradation!

So many of these losers are so used to nothing but small penis degradation, since it’s all they know. Small penis humiliation phone sex is a lot of men confessing their inadequacies and blubbering about them. It’s also a lot of me laughing and telling you what a dud in the bedroom you really are. Some tiny dicked creatures will proclaim they are expert pussy lickers. As if that makes up for having a tiny penis. That’s someone only ever being able to have appetizers and never an entree.

It wears mighty thin, mighty quickly. So many are also premature ejaculators. They will literally tell me they might get a couple of pumps or last maybe five seconds. Some have confessed that upon entry, they blow their load. What woman in her right mind would tolerate a two-pump chump like that no matter his cock size? Not me, that’s for sure! Then, men with a tiny dick often overcompensate in other areas to make up for this grave shortcoming. No matter how much money you make, no matter how fit and attractive you are. Your life will be small penis degradation.

The little dick is always the white elephant in the room.

This is regardless of your other attributes. Then, your women will cheat on you, laugh at you, tell their girlfriends what a pitiful character you are. Life can be pretty rough on the tiny dicked man. From school locker room incidents to your concerned mommy taking you to the doctor because it was so small. To women suddenly getting a headache and cutting the date short when they see what little you have to offer. It’s a hard existence for this lot of men. Even worse, some have just accepted they will remain alone and don’t even try anymore.

That’s likely for the best. You really don’t want to pass on those small penis genes anyway. Are you lacking a woman in your life to insult you currently? I’m happy to offer you some small penis humiliation. I could always use a good laugh. That’s pretty much all a small penis is good for anyway.

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