Last night my man and I had dirty floor sex.

Hot dirty floor sex is seldom planned. We’d been out and were both so horny when we got in; we didn’t even make it to the bedroom. I like getting fucked doggy style, so I had no issue with it. We were kissing and stripping our clothes off as soon as we unlocked the door and got inside. He fell on the sofa, and I dropped to my knees on the floor in front of him. Grabbing his hard cock out of his pants and jamming it into my mouth. I was so fucking hungry for his cock. I had to have it.

He was moaning as I gobbled him down, drooling all over his hard shaft. I tickled his balls as I deep-throated him. I knew he was loving our dirty floor sex. His hand was on the back of my head, pushing his cock further down my throat. I sucked, and I slurped at his throbbing cock, driving him wild. I stood up and stripped off my remaining clothes. He told me to get on all fours on the floor, which I happily did. I leaned down on my elbows and offered him my cunt from behind. He slid his dick up and down my slit.

Wetting his cock in my cunt, he got ready to insert it into me.

I was sopping wet, my cream coating his hard cock. I felt it nestle between my cunt lips, and he eased himself inside of me. Then, I started to buck back and forth as we fucked. I reached underneath and started to rub my clit as he pounded me from behind. My middle finger circled my clit in tiny circles faster and faster. My tits were swinging wildly, and you could hear flesh slapping against flesh. The room echoed with our moans and grunts of pleasure as we had our dirty floor sex.

I squeezed my cunt muscles around his prick as we fucked. He loved the extra sensations I was giving him. Milking his cock always drove him crazy, he’d told me many times before. Then, he asked me just how dirty I was feeling tonight, and I wondered why. Then, he then pulled his cock out of my cunt and started rubbing the dripping wet head against my asshole. He pushed the head inside of me with a pop. I momentarily clenched, then relaxed. He called me his floor whore.

I laughed at his name for me, and we continued our dirty floor sex.

He grabbed my tits and pulled me hard back onto his cock. His thumbs toyed with my nipples as I felt him stretch my ass open with his thrusting member. He pumped and pumped, smacking my ass a few times as he did. I twerked on his cock to give him extra stimulation. He asked if I was ready for him to cum inside me, and I nodded my head. He soon blasted his cum juice deep within me, and I was filled to the brim. Then, he laid on his back and told me to sit on his face.

I loved having him lick my cunt; he always made me cum so hard. The fact that it was dirty floor sex only enhanced it. It made my clit stand out in that position as well. Then, he latched onto my clit and sucked on it, and flickered his tongue over it. Then, I was sliding back and forth on his face, my wetness covering his face from ear to ear. His face was slick with my honey, and he relished it. He slipped his warm, wet tongue in and out of my wet hole as he squeezed my ass cheeks in his hands.

Then, I soon gushed all over his face, even more, drenching him.

He cleaned me up with his tongue, and we lay there on the floor after our dirty floor sex. It had been a fast, furious fuck, and I’d loved every second of it. I was a floor whore, I thought to myself, giggling. We staggered into the bedroom and fell onto the bed, and were soon drifting off. Thoughts of our nasty fuck swirling through our minds as the darkness overtook us.

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dirty floor sex