I love me some sloppy drunk sex!

Have you ever had sloppy drunk sex? It can be pretty fun. It has a surreal quality to it. You have foggy, vague memories of it the next day like fragments of a dream. Alcohol, as we know, can make you feel even hornier. It can lower your inhibitions and make you accept someone into your bed (and your body!) that you might not otherwise. I went to a party last weekend, and I hadn’t planned on sleeping with anyone when I got there. I’d just broken up with my boyfriend a week before.

I was still kind of hurting from that and decided I just needed to let loose. The bar was well stocked, and the drinks were flowing. A great-looking guy seemed to be alone when he came in, and I decided to introduce myself. I looked really hot, and he seemed to be a friendly guy. I went over to him and complimented him, and he seemed to like me. We chatted for ages while the drinks were flowing and I got more and more plastered.

He asked if I’d like to see his place once the party winds down.

I said yes. I’d had so much to drink I could barely walk without help. It was kind of embarrassing looking back on it, but he certainly wasn’t sober himself. I can’t say he took advantage of me since he was sloppy drunk too. We were both drunk and horny, and things took their natural course. He started to kiss me, and I was all over him. He had a huge bulge in his pants, and I fumbled clumsily for his zipper. I was laughing and clumsily groping him, but he seemed to like it.

His cock was literally throbbing in my hand and beginning to leak precum. I leaned over and licked it off. He fell back on the sofa and just let me suck on him. I felt sloppy drunk, and the room spun. I was slobbering all over his cock, and he was loving it. Sloppy drunk sex can be fun for both people. It seems it’s more fun when both are drunk. You can be laughing and trying to get someone off all at once. Alcohol can also make it much harder to achieve orgasm, so you’re really working it trying to cum.

It’s not just guys that get affected by sloppy drunk sex.

It can also make it harder for girls to cum; I speak from experience, trust me! It can be fun to try, though, and you will get there if you try hard enough. You just need the will and determination to go for it. He said he wanted to fuck my pussy, so he had me get up and bend over the arm of the sofa. I was barely mobile at this point, but he kicked my feet apart and went for it. I could feel his hard cock stabbing at my pussy, searching for the hole. It finally slid into my cunt, and he thrust over and over.

I played with my clit as he fucked me from behind, and I was so wet. It didn’t matter that I was sloppy drunk. My fingertips circled my clit over and over, sending shivers up my spine. His cock repeatedly thrust hard into my cunt, bringing me closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. My fingers were a blur; they were moving so quickly. My pussy juices were drooling down my thighs as he pounded me. I knew I was going to cum explosively as he thrust quickly into me.

Between the thrusts and my fingers, I went over that edge.

I let out a loud, low moan of delight. He felt me clenching around his cock, and I milked him into cumming into me. I could feel him squirting into me, and my inner thighs were soon coated with our juices. He pulled out, and I felt the void left by his cock. I just lay there, draped over the sofa arm for a moment. I was breathing heavily, my head spinning. The sloppy drunk sex had been a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure how much I’d remember in the morning, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

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