Do you like some real nasty talk in bed, or are you quieter?

I’ve always liked nasty talk, many boyfriends of mine thought I was great at it, that’s why I do this. They said sex with me was so much better than with other girls they’d been with. So many girls just moan a bit or are quiet. Not many really like to talk dirty and rev their guys’ engines up as they fuck. I’ve always had a talent for smut, it seems, and I enjoy it. “My panties are drenched, my clit is throbbing, I need your cock in my cunt, now!” I whisper to him when I’m in the mood to play.

I know it gets their dick throbbing and makes them want to play as well. Some women might not be comfortable using really graphic words, but it doesn’t bother me. I’ve known some ladies that were brought up not to swear or use “vulgar words.” they just do not feel at home saying them, so of course, they wouldn’t be good at nasty talk. You can practically make a man cum if you paint a graphic enough picture with your words. Tell them to close their eyes and just concentrate on your voice, then spin your naughty tale.

The more you do it, the easier nasty talk gets.

Like everything, practice makes perfect. I’ve asked other girlfriends of mine if they nasty talk to their boyfriends, and a few admitted to it. However, some said there’s just no way they could do it. One boyfriend told me once, away on business, he wanted to have phone sex with his girlfriend. It seems a pretty simple request, not asking too much or for anything strange. She wouldn’t do it. To a man she claimed to love and regularly had sex with. She couldn’t talk dirty over the phone and masturbate with him.

I just don’t get it, yet you’d be surprised how many guys have said something along these lines. I think it’s fun to be able to get a cock hard without even touching it. To just talk and describe some sexy situation or what you’d do to them, and they spring to life. I love giving a blow job and looking into my man’s eyes and telling him how much I love his cock. That it brings me so much pleasure and how much I love his precum. Then, I can feel his dick throb in response in my hand as I say the words to him.

Then I plunge it back into my mouth and drool all over its hardness.

Licking every drop off of it, deep throating it, flicking my tongue all over the head of it. The sound of my lover’s voice is one of the sweetest sounds to me; it makes me drip in anticipation. Then, I want to hear them whisper dirty, nasty talk in my ear. Feeling their hot breath against my ear and my neck sends shivers up and down my spine. Just waiting for them to tear my clothes off and toss me down on the bed and ravish me. Then, I am primed and soaked before my cunt is even touched.

Do you like hearing that lewd talk in your ear? Does it make your cock throb and want to be touched? Some men adore hearing it; porn alone just isn’t going to cut it. Me telling you my breasts would look better wrapped around your hard cock as you give me a titty fuck. Then, I could lick the tip of it as you pump it forward. I think you’d like that, me talking naughty to you as you fuck them and give me a pearl necklace. Me riding you up and down, clit grinding on your clit as I tell you what a great fuck you are.

How you satisfy my cunt like no one else ever has.

Then, I need to feel that man juice squirt into me, splash it against the inside of my pussy walls. Please give me that load, loverboy; you know you want to. Then, I want to satisfy your ears and your mind as much as your body. You know I can do it. Your ears will be burning as I give you my hottest nasty talk. Think your cock can handle it?

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