In college, I worked as an ageplay stripper to pay tuition.


I didn’t want to be recognized as an ageplay stripper. I was going to college out of state, so the chances anyone I knew would see me were low. Another girl I knew did it and said it was very lucrative, so I should try it. I knew I had a good body, and had taken some dance classes in my younger years. So I decided to give it a try. I was hired right away when the club owner saw my body. I found it fairly easy and the hours were pretty short. Then, I had a real way with men and was able to get good tips just for shaking my ass. I would twirl around that pole and show off and have a good, profitable night after just a few hours. My classes were all paid for and I got some nice clothes as well.

I didn’t want my family to know I’d become an ageplay stripper, they would not have approved at all. If they’d known I was taking my clothes off and exposing my nude body in front of strangers, oh boy. I was a real flirt, and the customers loved me. A few would ask for lap dances between the shows, and I was happy to take their money. All I had to do was grind on their lap for the length of a song or two. They’d get aroused, and I’d get more money. They had some VIP rooms in the back and some guys wanted more than a lap dance. That was as far as I’d go, though. I’d let them feel my tits when I was on their lap. Some of the other strippers would do all kinds of things back there.

They were usually just stripping though, they weren’t students.

I was just there to make money to pay for school, this was it for many of the women. One older guy used to say he’d pay me so much to sleep with him. The money would have been terrific, but I wasn’t going to do that. Some younger guys that were there weren’t bad-looking at all. I’d have fucked them for free, but I kept it pretty professional. I have to admit, during the time I was an ageplay stripper, I’d fantasize about some of the men when I’d masturbate. I’d go home sometimes and feel horny. I’d either get out my vibrator or use my fingers on my pussy. They looked at me with lust in their eyes, and at times it turned me on. One man in particular was a regular and a good tipper.

He wasn’t a bad-looking man, a businessman. He had a hunky brother too. I could see the bulge in his pants when I’d get up on stage and begin stripping. He’d usually place a twenty-dollar bill in the hip of my G string. I gave him a lap dance a few times, but he was always respectful. I could hear his heavy breathing as I’d bump and grind against him. His eyes would be dilated with passion. He’d cup my ass cheeks as I’d rise and fall on him and wiggle around.

One time when I got off of him after the song was over, I noticed a small wet spot on his fly. He’d obviously cum as I was grinding on him. I just smiled at him. He looked a bit embarrassed, and tipped me a bit more than usual. Men came and went at that club. I met so many as an ageplay stripper.

I was an ageplay stripper for the four years I was in school, then I left.

It was unique and fun, but it was time to leave. I still think about some of those men all these years later. I’ve told boyfriends about my dancing years, and they always want a lap dance! It’s fun to do things like that for a boyfriend, but I won’t be doing it professionally. I always wondered if I should have done the VIP room thing and make extra as an ageplay stripper! The extra money would have been nice. I’ll just keep the VIP room fantasies to myself when I masturbate. It could have been wild!


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