There’s been this guy calling that’s really into gay humiliation.

Not small penis, or racial, but because he’s got gay humiliation fantasies. He’s never even had a same sex experience, but he does think about it while he masturbates. He wanted me to say, gay, gay, gay over and over along with sissy, faggot, homo. He said he thinks about a hard cock in his mouth. Then he’d say that I’d repeat those words to him and he’d call me a bitch and a cunt. I’d say you just don’t like that I know what you are. He loved it. This went on for over a half an hour. Some into humiliation look at whatever fetish they are fantasizing about as a great taboo. In some cases it is, in others, not so much. They just want to be belittled for thinking these thoughts in the first place.

Especially if they came from a conservative family where such behaviors were forbidden and not acceptable in any circumstances. He was stroking away on his cock as I was telling him how he loved to suck dick. Lick the precum off of that cock fucking his mouth. Then feel the warm, cum filled balls bouncing off of his chin with every thrust of his hips. That gay humiliation just gets inside their minds like nothing else. They often cannot tell anyone about their kink. It’s too much of a secret. Most into racial humiliation aren’t going to be telling their friends they get off on being called racial slurs. Yet for some, nothing gets them hotter.

Many with a small penis would never tell.

With the high rate of acceptance of same sex experimentation, many would not feel comfortable mocking it. Some gay humiliation can be applied to so many kinks. One caller that was into ABDL wanted to be terribly shamed for what he liked. He even confessed he’d gone to a psychiatrist about it. So some are ashamed of their kinks and know they are wrong. Ones that live in larger cities can often indulge their kinks a lot easier than ones in small towns. They can go to hook up places and suck off strange men and not see a soul they know. Not ones from smaller towns. Many say they will drive great distances to seek just this sort of experience. Seeking anything from gloryhole gooning to forced bi!

They don’t want anyone they know to find out about it. Some that enjoy the gay humiliation will be using anal toys on themselves when they call. They will of course be pretending it’s the cock of a real man. Some even like to imagine it’s a shemale fucking them. We are the keepers of their secrets. Come on sissy, I know you’re gay, gay, gay! You wanna be a cocksucking homo, don’t you? He was going wild as I called him name after name mocking his dirty desires. I asked him if he’d ever shared these fantasies with a girlfriend. Certainly not, he stated. He wanted to keep it all to himself. Even if he ever got the courage to actually go out and look for a guy. It would all be hush hush.

Even married men have gay humiliation fantasies!

Have you got these sorts of desires too? So many that call do. You can share it with me, I’ll never tell wifey about your cock cravings. It will just be between you and me. Any gay humiliation is so easy to do. Fun, too. Mocking you for your fantasies, calling you names, it’s so easy to do. It’s really fun when the caller cries. Their wittle feewings hurt, awww! Humiliation is a favorite topic for me, on many different topics, so I’m sure there’s something I can mock about you. Most men have multiple shortcomings, I’m sure you won’t be any different. Are you getting hard reading about all the mean things I could say to you?

Does it give your little pecker a tingle just thinking what it would be like? I’d be happy to make fun of you and tell you what a loser and pervert you really are.


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