What comes to mind when you think of racial humiliation?

Are you a dirty perv for some racial humiliation phone sex? You know how they put “trigger” warnings on a bunch of material now? Then, consider yourself warned. I am the perfect Aryan Goddess that is ready to grind you into the dirt! I would never allow one of you porch monkeys to actually touch me. However, I’d be more than happy to have you slave away for me. That’s what you’re made for; you know that, right? I can just see you right now, sitting on your naughty black ass, wondering if you should call or not.

Welfare check in yet? Then, my racial humiliation has those big, black balls just swelling up with all that jungle jizz, doesn’t it? You’re licking those thick lips just wishing you could have my pink, juicy cunt. No white snatch for you, you black devils! I know what overactive sex drives you boys have. You’re like animals. It’s no surprise. Then, you likely beat that monkey meat several times a day. Thinking of some sexy white woman you know you’re not worthy of having.

Some of you that call ask what purpose I could find for you.

Then, maybe human furniture could work? You could get down on all fours, and I could rest my feet on that round ass of yours. Maybe if you were really lucky, I’d reward you with a pair of my worn panties you could sniff and lick. That would get that forearm-sized dick of yours throbbing, I bet. Then, some callers seeking racial humiliation have fun and unique Civil War fantasies. Oh, I’d love to send the overseer to your slave cabin to drag you out and whip you.

Obviously, if you don’t do all your chores, it’s a whipping for you. Maybe you are entertaining the idea that all white women crave your huge, black dicks. We don’t. To some of us, that’s little more than animalistic, and we’d have no part of it. You can whine and whimper all you want; you’ll not get your cock in this white pussy. There’s plenty of skanks with no self-esteem that will spread for a black cock, but make no mistake, I am not one of them. Maybe you even like white women to spit on you and in your face as a form of racial humiliation?

Turns you on to think of the racial humiliation, doesn’t it?

A good rinsing? So many black men call and say they can’t help themselves; they just love to be insulted by white women. Nothing makes their cocks harder than being spoken down to and even spat on. Is that you? Are you stroking away, thinking of which of us women to call to insult you? Not all ladies will do racial humiliation. So much shame these days. It doesn’t bother me one bit. I am white, superior, and you are at the bottom of the hierarchy.

You know it, and I know it. It just makes you quiver to talk to a woman that’s not afraid to admit it, doesn’t it? You will address me as Mistress or Ma’am. No first names for you. You are unworthy to be so familiar with me, you lowly spook. Some black men like to be told they even have to worship white cock and suck it. It’s not always the other way around, which most assume. Some individuals think it’s the ultimate racial humiliation to be made to suck the cock of a superior white man.

Maybe you’ve never called to talk about racial humiliation before.

Maybe you’re a bit nervous. Then again, maybe you’ve talked about racial humiliation many times and finally accepted nothing makes you squirt as big a load. Craving racial humiliation is something many men of many races enjoy. It’s just the type of humiliation that differs. You get turned on by my calling you names. Names you’d likely feel struck with offense if a stranger shouted it to you. Yet you’re begging me to make you feel bad. Because it makes you and your black dick feel oh so very good.

You want it. You need it. I’m here to give it, so what are you waiting for? Those black balls are swelling up, aren’t they? Get ready to stroke for your white goddess tonight.

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