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hardcore raw anal

Hardcore Raw Anal: Two Girls, Two Guys, Lots of Anal Fucking

Terra and I both love hardcore raw anal sex. In fact, our friendship began over ...

tickle torture slaves

Tickle Torture Slaves: Cynthia and Kimmy Kidnapped for Eternal Tickling

Cynthia and Kimmy didn’t realize that by the end of the day, they would be tic...

sex doll lesbian

Sex Doll Lesbian: My Friend’s Secret Sex Doll Stash

I never expected my friend Ash would be a sex doll lesbian. But recently, I foun...

dripping wet orgasm

Dripping Wet Orgasm: How to Make Me Satisfied with Your Performance

After a dripping wet orgasm, I know I’ve had good sex. In fact, I rarely recov...

sexy poolside babes

Sexy Poolside Babes: My Girl Amy and I at the Country Club

Amy and I were a couple of sexy poolside babes this weekend. We agreed to go out...

hot cheating bride

Hot Cheating Bride: Sharing a Sexy Wet Dream I Had

Last night, I dreamed I was a hot cheating bride. To be honest, I’m more surpr...

little white cock

Little White Cock: Yours Never Satisfies Me, So I Found One Better

I confess I’m tired of your little white cock. I know you promise all the time...

mermay mermaid fantasy

Mermay Mermaid Fantasy: Seducing Lovely Ladies from Under the Sea

So I just learned May is celebrated by creatives as Mermay, a time you can draw ...

Cute Busty Maid

Cute Busty Maid: A Story From When I Worked as a Maid

So when I started college, I did not think I would ever be a cute busty maid.  ...

naughty girl creampie

Naughty Girl Creampie: Getting Gangbanged by My Boyfriend’s Team

Naughty Girls Deserve Naughty Girl Creampies. So, of course, when I was caught m...

big boob titjob

Big Boob Titjob: How I Like To Use My Plush Double Ds

 Being blessed with ample bosom, I love giving a big boob titjob.  Sucking, pi...

rough anal sex

Rough Anal Sex: My Cuck’s Dream is a Big Old Cock

Toby did not give me rough anal sex.  Toby barely gave me any sex at all, let a...

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