A lot of people appreciate my big juicy ass.

I love my big juicy ass. It gets me so much attention. 

There’s nothing like a nice round butt, is there? I mean, I love drawing attention to it. Skin-tight jeans with a faded wash draw attention to it. Or a very short skirt catches the eye when I bend over, hoping to score attention from a very handsome guy. 

My tits are great. But my big juicy ass is better. I got an ass that won’t quit, and everybody knows it. I love it when people appreciate my butt, and I love showing it off. Really, being a slutty exhibitionist is the best for a gal like me! 

Guys Slapping My Juicy Peach

Some guys aren’t content to look. But, that’s okay with a slut like me. I don’t mind if someone gets a little handsy from time to time, as I know most of the guys in my community. They all know I’m loose and open for fun.

So sometimes I bend over in the supermarket to get something on a lower shelf. And if the guy passing me by gets a good look at my silky satin panties, no biggie. But sometimes the guy knows me and knows I like it rough, so he gives my big juicy ass a nice slap. It’s just hard enough to get me excited and wet, to feel that slap all the way down to my pussy. 

I usually laugh out of surprise and pretend to scold him, though we both know I love him appreciating my butt. 

Strangers Groping My Big Juicy Ass

I mean, I love a beer as much as the next girl. And sometimes to get a beer, you gotta drape your boobs over the counter to get attention from the lesbian bartender who knows you kiss pussy as well as the next girl. (Might be a story there, but that’s not for today!) But the thing with that is your big juicy ass is on display. And while I bounce my boobs, my butt bounces too. 

And with such a delectable booty, gropes and squeezes come with the territory. So in a bar, my butt is perky, round, and asking for attention. Of course, a few drunk guys can’t resist the pull of my badonkadonk. Leaning over the counter, I get a few squeezes and pats. 

But, I don’t really mind. As I said, it comes with the territory of having a plump, round posterior. And my leather pants make my big juicy ass very noticeable. So when someone gives me a squeeze, I give them a smile and a wink. 

Sometimes, if I like how they look, I give them a little tease in their ear, and ask if they wanna touch it in private. After all, it’s not every day a guy finds a round butt like mine, is it? They appreciate how nice and soft and warm it is. 

But the Best Way to Worship These Beautiful Glutes?

That’s with your face. But I prefer to share those stories one-on-one!

By all means, let me help you get your fetish phone sex on! Call and hear stories of my big juicy ass!

big juicy ass