I mean, these silky satin panties around my thighs have certainly seen their share of use! 

I don’t just wear silky satin panties to seduce. Honestly, I also just wear them because they feel nice! Let’s be real, sometimes I just want to wear something soft, and something that makes me feel good. That’s where silky satin panties come in. They easily go up my thighs and settle around my waist. 

Silky satin panties are rarely thongs, though. Thongs usually are cotton, cheap but allow breathing. However, while that works great for thongs, when I want to pamper myself, I want satin. So hip-huggers and cheeky panties (panties that show a little buttcheek) are the way for me to go. 

My favorite pair has lily patterns on a light blue background. They hug my hips and my thighs, revealing just a little bit of cheek. But my favorite part is that they’re a little small. Obviously, this means they constantly find themselves in between my pussy lips. That extra rubbing really helps a girl out throughout the day! 

Since they’re on me all the time, they probably smell a lot like me! Plus, since I don’t shave, my hairs rub a lot of my scent onto my panties, too. Anything from cum to sweat just soaks up in them! 

My Daytime Routine

I wake up in my silky satin panties and put on a robe first thing in the morning. I brush my teeth and my hair and sit myself down to put on my makeup. Sometimes I wear natural makeup and sometimes I get really dolled up. But no matter what, my panties stay on as I sit down and start my routine. 

They stay right at my hip whenever I sit for the day. While I sit and eat breakfast, they hug my pussy. When I get up to clean, they move back and forth with my hips, rubbing against me.

At the gym, my silky satin panties caress my skin as well. They dart in and out of my pussy lips as I squat. If I need to go for a run, well, they get even sweatier, absorbing all that scent and moisture.

Sometimes I wonder what my silky satin panties smell like! I usually just put them in the hamper when I’m done with them, though a few people have purchased them. 

I also do a little extra something with my silky satin panties, if you know what I mean!

Since they feel so good on my skin, I often find myself masturbating with my panties on! Sometimes I’ll put a panty vibe (like Moxie, by Wevibe), just to get my juices flowing. And I gush a lot! My juices always seem to overflow when I get aroused, and with a vibe, even more so. 

So what do my silky satin panties do? Absorb all those juices, of course! Sometimes I even rub my clit against the wet fabric of my panties, enjoying the friction my wetness gives against the cool smooth fabric. 

In the end, my silky satin panties are soaked from my dripping wet orgasm. Wanna get a whiff?


If you enjoyed me talking about my panties, perhaps you’d like to call this phone sex operator and ask what I’m wearing today? 

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