After a dripping wet orgasm, I know I’ve had good sex.

In fact, I rarely recover after a dripping wet orgasm. When I get a quick orgasm, sure, I’ll be back on my feet in no time. But when someone teaases my pussy, I sleep hard after, my body completely sated. 

I am no stranger to quickies. Really, I think quickies are like a quick cup of coffee. They’re great pick-me-ups and they get my heart rate flowing. Rubbing one out (or having a partner with me) is great for releasing built-up tension. Plus, it satisfies that craving, right? And, quickies happen anywhere. They take place in the work bathroom, the park, or your car. Yes, please. 

I mean, it doesn’t take much, right? However, I don’t fill up on a quick cup of coffee. I fill up on a dripping wet orgasm, much like how I fill up on a meal. It is only after a big orgasm that my body rests.

Sometimes orgasms are quick, fleeting things. Like at my strap-on fun orgy, I went from person to person, never letting myself build. But I need buildup. I crave it. In fact, to make sure I have emptied my orgasm tank, as it were, the buildup is essential. Before I cum, my pussy needs to be wet as can be to give me that dripping wet orgasm I crave. 

How to Build Me Up

There are a few things that help me come hard. In fact, one of the best ways is foreplay! I love having my body played with, and there’s no time for that in a quickie. So, rubbing and sucking my nipples is a plus. And, hickies and love bites all over my body don’t hurt, either. With those actions, my body becomes even more sensual, and my pussy starts wetting. Truthfully, the wetter my pussy is, the stronger my dripping wet orgasm will be. 

Additionally, insertion isn’t the trick to a dripping wet orgasm. It’s not how deep someone can thrust, nor how quickly. Instead, my clit is the star player for my orgasm strength. In a quickie, there’s too little time to build up my clit and let my body shake uncontrollably from muscle spasms. But in a more one-on-one setting, my partner has time enough to gently stroke my pussy. Then, the sensations gradually grow deeper and more intense, until my tunnel is soaked. 

When that happens, I really need something inside. When my pussy becomes nice and wet with juices flowing, I know the powerful orgasm is coming. In fact, I often grind my pussy down on whatever is rubbing against my clit: my fingers, my toy, or you. It’s not something I can control. Once I seek out that pleasure, I’m in for the ride of my life. 

I grind down on my clit until that dripping wet orgasm rips through me, like a thunderstorm. My muscles convulse and I gasp for air, craving the intensity. 

 After all that? Nothing but satisfaction rests in my veins. 

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dripping wet orgasm