This holiday, let it be a swinging holiday celebration.

Even if your Thanksgiving happened a little more than a month ago (Canadians), or not at all (rest of the world), you still have a seat at my table for my swinging holiday celebration. 

My friends and I rent out a large lodge for the holidays. We drive in, bringing food and booze and comfortable, washable sheets with us. The lodge is about 6 rooms, and our asexual friend volunteers to cook and serve drinks. In exchange, we keep the sex in the rooms and not in the big open-ended room. So while we might start helping in the kitchen for the holiday part of a swinging holiday celebration, if we feel frisky, we head upstairs to the many rooms for the swinging part. 

And that’s what happened between Sal and I. 

Most of us, when we arrived, headed upstairs to fuck. But Sal and I stayed back to help Anna with holiday food. Anna thanked us, and I began peeling potatoes, halfway bent over a trash bin. After arranging cans and putting the beer away, Sal glanced over at us and found my ass bent over in the air. 

There are two truths universally acknowledged. The first, in a swinging holiday celebration, sex is on. The second, is that my ass makes men weep as their dicks grow hard. And Sal did not resist my ass, not that he could have tried to.

After setting down the last of the beer, he walked over and gave my ass a squeeze. I giggled and kept peeling, so he kissed my neck. I handed him a potato. “Five more. Then upstairs,” I laughed. “Until then, a raincheck to worship my pussy, okay?”


Sal and I wasted no time hauling ass out of the kitchen. We kissed our way up the stairs, his hands firmly on my ass. Sure, it might have taken a little longer. But Sal was hot as hell, and I wanted to savor having fun with him. So making out, step by step, was our way of having fun for this swinging holiday celebration. 

At the top of the stairs, Sal reached behind me to open the door. But, at our swinging holiday celebration, someone was already using the bed! We opened it to find three friends having a three-way with two girls and one guy. The girls fingered each other’s pussy over the guy’s cock.

To give us a show, the girls giggled and began kissing each other, their wetness only growing and dripping down their thighs. 

But Sal and I were focused on each other, so we said goodbye, and moved to another door. 

As we opened it, the scent of sex spread throughout the hallway. Immediately, moans and gasps reached our ears.

Of course, this room was also occupied. Two couples lay side by side, their men above them. The women were hands and knees on the bed, facedown, while their boyfriends plowed into them. My friends really waste no time when it comes to a swinging holiday celebration, huh? 

Laughing, Sal and I made it to the third bedroom, and guess what? 

The third time was the charm. He fell into me with my legs wrapped around him, and our kissing quickly turned into humping. 

I love it when holiday trips go right. 


Why not tell me your holiday plans, multiple people or no? I’ll tell you all about my swinging holiday celebration with some hot phone sex. Treat yourself!