At the end of a long day, I need some self foot worship. 

Alas, I do not have a foot fetish slave to take care of my feet after a long day, so I have to give myself self foot worship. 

My feet go through so many trials during the day. For example, I like to start the day with a long run. But where I live there are lots of nature trails, which mean sticks and stones, swamps and permafrost. Then, I’ll put on my heels while I go to my office and begin working off and standing. Or while I go shopping I’d like to have my heels because, honestly, I like looking good. And heels make my ass stand out.

But high heels are not known for their kindness on feet. And halfway through the day, I absolutely need some self foot worship. 

At-Home Care

Since I don’t have anyone who massages my feet at home, I do it myself. And one of the best ways I have found to give my feet a deep tissue massage is with a tennis ball. Other muscles might need a full-body foam roller, but luckily a small tennis ball easily fits under my desk. So while I might be watching videos, I’m focusing on giving myself self foot worship. Even if it seems like I’m just rubbing my dirty stinky feet over a tennis ball again and again and again.

Though it kind of goes into the crushing fetish, I really do like squishing the tennis balls up and down the balls of my feet. I like to press down on the balls with my toes circling around clockwise and counterclockwise. Then, I move the tennis ball back towards the soles of my feet. I press my arch and rub up and down and up and down and finally end with my heel digging into the tennis ball.

 It may not seem like self foot worship, but I promise you it is. It gets into my muscles far more than my hands allow me. Of course, I would much rather have an actual person there with steady hands to go ahead and rub my feet and dig their thumbs into my muscles. But I have to make do with what I’ve got.

Other Pamperings

 However, massage isn’t the only way I give self foot worship. I also lotion and pamper my feet with hot water. Before I lotion, I go ahead and soak my feet in an Epsom salt bath. I tend to add rose scents or other flowery scents to my bathwater. After a long day in tennis shoes and high heels, I absolutely want to smell nice! 

Then I dry my feet with a towel, and paint my toenails, or just buff them up if I don’t want to paint. I take my self foot worship very seriously! It’s not just pretty pedicure fun for me. In fact, it’s all about relaxing and taking care of myself! 

And then it’s time to lotion my feet up. I love creamy, thick lotions with Shea butter to help lock moisture in. I rub up and down my foot, over my painted tonsils, and really dig into my heels and skin to make sure I am absolutely covered. 

If you liked my tale of foot worship, let me know! Shoot me an email or call me for some kinky fetish phone sex of our own! 🙂

self foot worship