This pretty pedicure fun story is safe for work; I thought some of you readers needed a break from looking over your shoulders! 

I love to get pretty pedicure fun. It’s part of my self-care routine; making sure my toes and feet are taken care of. And while I am able to do a pedicure at home, I am not talented enough to do what the professionals do. So I treat myself every so often to get a nice foot massage and pedicure. 

I wear sandals when I go in, of course. It’s both for ease of access for me, and to show off when I leave the salon. Nothing is easier than when I sit down in the chair and slip off my sandals. My pink toes wiggle for a moment, enjoying their freedom from being squished. I love my pretty pedicure fun.

And then I put my feet in the warm water, selecting what salts and scents I want to wash my feet with.

The Spa

I always choose a luxurious milk bath.  The treated, milky white water then heats up and bubbles between my toes. It’s fun to move my toes in and out of the water, again and again as the milky white water pours over them. All of that water helps my skin stay nice and moisturized, anyway. Plus, I emphasize fun when I have my pretty pedicure fun. Since I’m so full of energy, sitting back and relaxing is something I save for when the attendant has my feet in his hands! 


Once my feet have soaked, my pedicurist makes sure I know he doesn’t plan to give me a good feet tickle. I laugh, but he and I both know I do happen to have ticklish feet. Since I usually get my feet worked on, I don’t need a scalpel or anything to remove dead skin. This is good because otherwise, that tickling comes into play. I don’t want to kick him on accident! So I’m okay without pumice stones or scrapes for my pretty pedicure fun. Basically, he says this so that I let him know if I feel too sensitive. But for now, he and I chat about his family while he begins to prep. 

We skip straight to the lotion- some thick, coconut-smelling cream. He places it between his legs as he moves my foot into his lap. Then he squeezes the tube, covering my toes in the thick lotion. Since there isn’t a lot of room, he moves the tube back to his legs and begins messaging the thick lotion all over my feet. 

His hands are rough over my delicate toes. Despite this, he makes sure to rub the lotion into every nook and cranny on my feet. He separates my toes to press the coconut deep into my skin, even gripping my toes with his knuckles to do so. He doesn’t stop until my feet are shiny.  After all, he wants my pretty pedicure fun to result in beautiful, gorgeous feet. 

And I wouldn’t have anything less.

If this was up your alley, go ahead and call me for some feet fetish phone sex

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