Sometimes, friends give other friends a good feet tickle.

What exactly constitutes a good feet tickle? Well, firstly, it involves laughter. Laughing so hard your sides hurt, or your face feels strained. Tears are always a plus. And you need a pretty pair of feet to work with.

My friend Tina works on Onlyfans, and with all of the drama going on, she needs more videos for views. So, in a desperate hope to get more material, she asked if I could help. Of course, I said yes! I don’t mind a chance to work with her. 

So the deal was, as we moved the camera, to focus only on her feet and face. I only provided hands and feathers, and any other toys I could find. 

When I got to her place, she showed me the ropes. Two cameras were set up next to her bed, a blue soft comforter laying on top. “I only need your help tying me down.” 

Luckily, she had stocks, and she and I put her inside one for her feet, locking her ankles in. But on top of that, she had a few thigh restraints she wanted, too. “My legs go all over otherwise,” Tina told me. “I need to keep my feet in the shot this time.” 

Understanding, I laughed. “Of course.” Then, I tested the restraints and adjusted her back pillow so she was sitting upright. “You ready to go, princess?” 

Tina laughed, throwing a small decorative pillow at me. 

With quick reflexes, I blocked the pillow.  “No laughing,” I scolded. “Save it for the camera.” 

Lights, Camera, Action

“Are you ready for a good feet tickle?” I asked, my fingers sliding up her toes. Tina couldn’t help but laugh, her legs trying to kick out at the sensation. But, she did a good job locking her legs in. She couldn’t move at all. 

“No, no,” I scolded. “No escaping this, Tina.” I held up a pipe cleaner in front of the camera lens and then moved it through her toes. Her toes seized, while she kept laughing. 

“No, please,” she begged, but couldn’t stop herself. 

“What’s wrong, Tina? This is just some pampered feet worship, honey.” I continued moving the pipe cleaner through the toes, switching to her other foot. “I’m making sure you feel everything.” 

Tina continued to laugh, attempting to wiggle free. The attempts were futile, but you know, good on her for trying. I removed the pipe cleaner from her feet. “Let’s keep laughing.” 

A feather on her arches did the trick. As soon as I brought it out, she started laughing, continuing to beg me to stop. But she never gave me the safe word. So, I continued making the feather dance along her arches, back and forth like a madwoman. By the time I let up, her face was flushed, and her cheeks were wet from crying. 

I called it a success.


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