So my accidental public kabeshiri begins, like all things, with alcohol. 

Not that I intended for an accidental public kabeshiri. That was not the point of going out drinking. 

But first, let me explain. If you aren’t familiar with kabeshiri, it is very simple. There is a hole in a wall. Be it a window, a fence, or even a laundry chute, something that keeps her stuck in place, her hands away from her ass. So her bottom just sticks out, and in kabeshiri, anything can happen to it. 

So essentially, my accidental public kabeshiri meant I was stuck in public with my ass hanging out. Naturally, alcohol was involved. Mostly beforehand. 

See, earlier that night I happened to see a guy with a great chest. And as horny me is wont to do, I began flirting with him subtly. 

And then I challenged him to a drinking contest to be less subtle.

I wasn’t worried about losing. I never lose drinking contests. Because it’s not the drinks I’m aiming for. It’s sex. And since my contests always end in sex, I always win! 

This time, though, I earned my win with an accidental public kabeshiri situation. 

How I Ended Up Ass Up

Handsome guy and I left the bar to head to where I was parked, which was in the park across the street. With my hand on his ass and his hand on my arm, we laughed and flirted with heated gazes. As we gave each other drunk sloppy teasing, we walked by the kid’s playground equipment. About the time between the slide and the monkey bars, I, somewhat-tipsy but mostly drunk, wanted to stop for a kiss.

So I went for it. I grabbed handsome guy’s lapels and fell back against the monkey bar ladder, and kissed him. In no way was I hoping to get stuck, let alone for an accidental public kabeshiri situation.

It was great. The sudden weight of me pressed his body against mine, and I hastily wrapped my limbs around him. His warm tongue pressed past my lips and I opened up, tasting whiskey on him. We kissed for probably several minutes before he pulled away, his lips puffy and shiny. 

“God I want to fuck you,” he stated. 

I smiled. I reached for my purse, but it wasn’t on my shoulder. As I looked around, I realized it fell while we kissed. Now, it lay on the woodchip-covered ground behind the monkey bar ladder. 

Incoming accidental public kabeshiri in three, two, one…

See where this is going?

Of course, I reached through the ladder. 

No, I didn’t think about my little black dress. 

No, I didn’t think to go around the ladder. 

Yes, I went a rung higher than I should have. 

So, within moments, my hips hung against a rung too high for my center of gravity. My feet were on my tippy-toes. I had to hold onto a sliding pole from the monkey bars to keep myself from falling over. 

My face was red, but then the wind decided to help me out. And by helping me out, I mean, the wind thought I needed more embarrassment for the night. So, the wind picked up and blew my dress the rest of the way off my ass, moving down my back. My thong was exposed to a perfect, accidental public kabeshiri situation. 

Luckily, handsome guy knew just what to do. He stepped up behind me, keeping me from sight. I sighed in relief. 

Then, I heard the unzipping of his fly. Something warm and hard pressed against my pussy.

Hey, I didn’t lose the drinking game at least! While I originally planned for the bedroom, I gladly took charge of my accidental public kabeshiri sex, and commanded him around! 

Want to know more? Call! I love sharing stories about myself. If embarrassment is up your alley, why don’t you call for some humiliating phone sex? Treat yourself!

accidental public kabeshiri