There’s nothing like drunk sloppy teasing.

I have to be in the right mood for drunk sloppy teasing. Surprisingly, there’s a lot to do to prepare for it! I  make sure there is a good protein breakfast prepared for the next day. I check that my water is full. When I drink, I let myself go. 

Before I get to the bar, I always plan my outfit. I usually wear a single skater dress (easily removed,) a cute thong, and a bralette, which I love. They’re like sports bras, for those who don’t know, but in lace. No hooks to worry about. 

Because when I have wild drunken sex, I have drunk sloppy teasing, and hands and clothes are going to go anywhere. I put on waterproof makeup, sealing my makeup on with a spray that lasts 12 hours. Even though I plan to drink and fuck all night, I want to look my best doing it. 

After a Few Drinks

My favorite bar is a sit-down bar with a few booths at the table. But everyone there knows when I sit up at the bar, I mean to fuck. To start, I order three long islands. Each time, the bartender reminds me that they are not shots. 

Each time, I lean over to show him my breasts and wiggle my ass in my seat. I almost always make him blush with that. So I give him a nice wink and throw back a drink in celebration. Everyone knows I win with drunk sloppy teasing, and I swear the men all perk up in hopes that I might pick them. 

Whenever I drink, my face flushes. That’s how I  know my drunken state. And I use that as motivation to take what I want. So I move around the bar, laughing, feeling good. In fact, I buy guys drinks and take some in turn, sitting next to them in a booth or at the bar. 

Taking Someone Home with Drunk Sloppy Teasing

When a guy catches my eye, I sit next to him. I press myself against him, giggling,  “I’m drunk.”  While I am intoxicated, I also use the drunkenness as an excuse to plaster myself over his arm or let my breasts hang out a little.

I bite my lip and begin to put my hand on his thigh, saying he must be a great workout partner. Then, I give him a wink and ask if he’d like to be mine. Or I ask if he wants to give my kiss a trial run. 

With a moan, I throw myself into his lap and hold his head as I press my lips against his. My tongue presses against the seam of my lips, alcohol on my breath. My wet pussy grinds into his lap, a promise of a warm and tight little place for him to rest. 

To date, I’ve never gotten a no to my trial kisses! 


If you’re not sure how to have phone sex, call me and I’ll take care of you! Don’t forget your drink! 😉 

drunk sloppy teasing