There’s nothing like wild drunken sex. 

Why do I go for wild drunken sex? Well, I love all sorts of mind-altering substances (E being one of my faves). To be frank, there’s nothing like good old liquor for a good time. Even my costumed flashing neighbor knows there’s nothing like liquor to get things slicker!

So, knowing I want that fun lightheadedness and an excuse to lower my inhibitions, I head to the local bar to pick up a few drinks– and a man. Harder liquor is at home, of course, but there are a few very cute guys with very thick cocks at the bar. To be frank, I visit the bar to get men, even if the bar has the best Long Islands on this side of Alaska. 

Picture the scene with me. To start a night of wild drunken sex, I’ve got on a low, low cut sweater with off-shoulder sleeves. This is my greatest asset. When I bend over, everyone sees my breasts, in my cute little pink strapless bra that pushes up my 32DDs. 

And, those behind me stutter too, when I bend over. My skirt is just a smidgeon too short. To be frank, it rides up and shows guys my matching pink thong, giving them a great look at a nice juicy ass. It’s soft, round, and I might twerk it a bit when someone looks.

Easily, I down a Long Island (taxis get us home, don’t worry) and approach my newest conquest- Ryan, a new miner whose pants are way too tight. He says he wants to see more of Alaska. And I trail a hand up his arm, pressing my breasts against his form. Ryan shudders and adjusts his pants. 

Wild drunken sex is on the table. 

Going Home

With my breath in his ear, Ryan pays for his drinks and I call the cab. Though it’s chilly outside, we remain warm, probably from the alcohol. But also, each other. For example, our bodies are pressed together, one of my legs over his hip. Our wild drunken sex starts right now, with lips fighting against each other, and his tongue inside my mouth. If he fucks as he kisses, it’ll be rough and fun. 

Right now, his cock presses between my legs in the best way. Though it’s through his jeans, my pussy drips with the promise of sex. It’s so easy for my body to imagine him inside me, and I grind my hips against him. 

At this rate, our wild drunken sex might start in the taxi! I pull away for breath. But seeing his disappointed face, I move my head to the right, exposing my left neck. Luckily, Ryan gets the message. He begins leaving sloppy kisses on my skin, the kind that has my hands trailing up and down under his shirt. 

Of course, then the taxi arrives. I pull away and subtly give his cock a squeeze, a promise of more to come. 


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