I’ve got a costumed flashing neighbor. 

She qualifies as a costumed flashing neighbor because she is flashing me, in her cow costume, across the balcony. She doesn’t even know she’s flashing me. I’m not sure she’s figured out that her skirt is tucked into her cow tail, displaying her vag for everyone on the opposite building. 

I turn off the tv; who cares about the local news when I have a pussy on display?

I turn off the lights and sit back in my apartment, watching my neighbor through the sliding door. After watching, it seems like there’s a party going on in the apartment across from mine. Orange and red strobe lights scatter across chairs and sofas. Given the red solo cup in her hand, she’s having a grand time. 

And then she chugs it. 

You go, girl. 

This costumed flashing neighbor turns around, her face very rosy. Some parts seem fake: curly blonde hair with little horns and cow ears are probably a wig. On the other hand, those boobs? 

Very, very real. And nearly falling out of what look like square eyepatches for her boobs. I give the costume 9/10. Honestly, I think a boob window or a low cut top might do her breasts a little more favor than napkins over her nipples. But the rest of the costume sells it: the apron, the thigh high socks, the skirt caught in her tail strap, and a cute little bell on her neck. 

All in all, she looks delectable. 

Our Cow Has Company

Someone has clearly noticed the shaved bald pussy, because a man- dressed as Scarface- comes out, and offers her a drink in another solo cup. His lips move, and then she begins to run her hands over her skirt. So it was a mistake to have that pussy on display. Shame. 

But then his mouth goes to her ear, and she giggles. In fact, a hand moves its way over her breast, and that tiny patch of square fabric over her breast doesn’t put up much of a fight. It seems outdoor sex adventures are on the table. 

I reach for my vibe. 

As he sucks, again she chugs the solo cup, slamming it down on the iron balcony banister. However, in the next moment, it falls to the ground below. Mr. Scarface turns her around and pins her back against the banister, sucking in earnest on those breasts of hers. His hands grope her ass, squeezing. And to my luck, the skirt gets stuck in the tail again. 

It doesn’t take much for them to get it on. Her legs open and he slides between them, kissing her breasts while she gasps. 

Again, he spins her around. This time, there’s no halter or covering over the nipples. Her breasts bounce with that bell as she gasps, and their sudden jut forward is all the warning I get that she’s been penetrated. 

And then, all of her bounces. 


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Costumed Flashing Neighbor