So, being in Alaska means I have a lot of outdoor sex adventures.

I  have all sorts of outdoor sex adventures. That’s part of living in Alaska. If you’re not familiar, Alaska is all sorts of outdoor fun. There’s hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting, mountain climbing… just to name a few. And when you’ve lived here long enough, the cold isn’t enough to keep you from snowy outdoor sex

Firstly, hiking has always been a fun way to exercise and explore. For me, there’s no better way to stretch my legs and have time for myself. Of course, if I should find a few berries along the way, more power to me. But sometimes I find other things along the trails, and of course, they always manage to surprise me in the best way. 

And when I’ve been hiking and running along, having fun along the beaten path, occasionally my mind will start to wander. When it does, I want to follow it. Almost always, it leads to something kinky. What isn’t to love about that? 

So, I hike and find myself a little aroused. And like most humans, I make a lot of dumb decisions when I’m horny. But I calculated how far down the trail I was (a few miles), how much cover I had if I moved off the path and onto a very nice, flat rock, and how good the sun would feel on my pussy. 

It was that last thought that pushed me over the edge. 

Getting Comfortable

Nothing like having a nice sun-tanned pussy, I started taking off my shirt and socks and placed my backpack next to the rock. (Don’t worry- my bear spray was close at hand). I began feeling my breasts as I squatted down on the rock. Once my ass felt the warmth from the stone, I went ahead and laid back, enjoying the feeling of sunshine all over my body. Not the kinkiest of outdoor sex adventures, I thought to myself, but it’ll do. 

Of course, my hands began to roam. I moved to my pussy, going ahead and teasing my clit a little with my thumb. And then, I jumped a little at the sound of twigs snapping. 

Immediately I sat up. 

There, on the path, a hiker stood. I expected no one to come this far back. But rather than close my legs, I looked him in the eye. Something about him watching me made my blood pump. Plus, as he kept watching, my pussy grew even wetter. 

My legs opened. Maybe of their own accord, honestly. My pussy does have a will of its own. 

“Care to join me?” I inquired.

My Spell Is Broken

The hiker stepped forward, his eyes in awe as I spread my pussy wider. Outdoor sex adventures need sex, I thought, so I also moved forward, just a little. “Don’t just look.” I flashed him a grin. 

Luckily, that did the trick. After I spoke, he began to take hurried steps forward. Twigs broke loudly as he moved towards me. “Wasn’t planning on it.” Then, he began to take off his shirt and pants, throwing them to the ground. 

Within moments, our lips crashed together. He pinned me against the dirt, his mouth seeking out any patch of skin he could find. Our tongues danced and we tasted each other’s mouths with ravenous hunger. Between us, there was some primal urge, something that called to each other and made our blood sing. 

And of course, for me, the idea someone could come across us at any moment? That just made me hotter. 

He kissed from my mouth to my neck, sucking on my skin. Pleasure throbbed through my veins, and my muscles tightened. Accidentally, I scratched his back. I wasn’t thinking. Instead, all my body could focus on was the heat of his tongue and mouth as he slid from my neck down to my collarbone, leaving marks in his wake.

I confess I put my hands in his hair, trying to take him lower. But instead, he wrapped his mouth around my breast and began to suck. At that, my legs fell even more open involuntarily. But when his other hand pinched my free nipple, well, I wrapped my legs around him and pushed his head down to where it needed to be. And after that? 


I’m sure you can guess. 


Do you love outdoor sex adventures? Want to know what we did next?

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