Has this Alaskan Girl ever had snowy outdoor sex?

The answer: of course, I’ve had snowy outdoor sex. Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean I can’t be warm!

Whenever I tell people I’m from Alaska, I get two responses. The first is that Alaska must be beautiful. It is. The second is that Alaska must be cold. It is. If there is ever a third question, it’s usually a toss-up between sunlight and moose. 

Even when it’s below 0, we Alaskans go outside and keep fit. This involves a variety of exercises like skiing, snowboarding, and hauling water into our dry cabins from the watering stations (they’re like unmanned gas stations, but water comes out. Some of us stay inside and make quilts and knit or do indoor activities.

As for the younger Alaskans, we like to fuck. Indoor or outdoor, it doesn’t matter. Snowy outdoor sex is just another way exhibitionists like me get our kink on.

My partners and I have never shied away from outdoor sex. The only times we might consider stopping would be temperature related; for example, if it were -50 outside. If I’m ever outside with my lovers when it’s -50, well, I plan to nestle in a sleeping bag big enough for four people so we could share body heat. Look, if you’re outside when it’s -50, you’re either at the job or something’s super wrong. 

So when the temperatures go 0 or above? It’s “go time”. Go have sex in the cold snow, my mind tells me. Get outside and let off steam.

And that’s exactly what I did. 

Finding the Place

I didn’t want another instance of road trip sex, where I had sex in a car or on the way to someplace. My FWB had promised me a good time soon, so I called her up to cash in on it. When I drove up to her cabin, she practically ran to my truck. 

“I’ve got a great place,” she promised me. “And I’ve been dying to wear this thing since forever.” This thing referred to a yellow pleated skirt, bright enough that it rivaled snow blindness. At my expression, she laughed and climbed into my truck. Once buckled in, she threw her coat in the back, showing off a very tight tank top. “Let’s get moving.”

You may think it’s chilly, but to us, the outside was warm. I myself was wearing booty shorts and a tight t-shirt, with a leather jacket on my shoulders. When we get anything above zero, Alaskans dress like tourists to the tropics- short pants, short shirts, no bras, and occasionally, open-toed sandals.

Our kiss was just as hot. Deep, tongue, and lots of breast-grabbing. When I pulled away, my panties were soaked. Given how her hand darted under her skirt, hers were, too.

I teased her with a nipple pinch. She laughed and teased me back while giving me directions. Every so often, she went silent, and when I looked over, she was sucking her own nipple. Finally, I had enough of that and pulled off the side of the road to give her a deep, domineering kiss. 

“I’ll suck on them once we get there,” I promised, and gave her nipple a pinch.

We continued driving until our clearing, a little park off the side of the road came into view. I pulled into the parking lot, and my partner pulled her hand out of her pants.

As we both stepped outside, the snow began to fall, perfectly timed for snowy outdoor sex.

Getting to it

Once out of the truck and an emergency blanket down for ground cover, my FWB continued teasing me. “Get a good look.” And then she lifted up her skirt, revealing bare skin underneath.

Like a madman,  I threw her on the ground and began to devour her.

The heat of her pussy warmed the rest of my chilled face. At times, I thought I saw steam, even. But though we were chilled, I continued to work my tongue on her clit. Snow continued to fall on us, prickling our skin, coating our clothing with a thin layer of white.

While I licked her, I pulled my gloves off and placed two fingers into her opening. But that not being enough, she gripped my fingers in her hair. “I need more!” 

She always became bratty when she didn’t come fast enough, and I didn’t appreciate it. The ground was cold, we were having snowy outdoor sex, and she needed to behave. 

As I took her in, face red and flushed, pussy dripping, I thought I might tease a little. So I took a handful of that freshly fallen snow, and gripped it with my hand, careful not to squeeze it. 

And then, I dumped it all over her crotch. 

She shrieked and made to move. But I held her firm and licked the snow away from her pussy. Helplessly, she squirmed while my tongue chased away the cold on her pussy lips, while I continued to suck and lick.

Then, it was my turn.

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