Kayla and I were determined to have ourselves some two girl bikini fun.

There’s not a lot of reason to wear bikinis up in Alaska, so we decided to have ourselves some two girl bikini fun for ourselves. Since we didn’t have a warm beach, we decided to go to a local gym with a pool. There was a sauna included, which was what we wanted our fun. We decided to go early, early morning- think 3 or 4 am. Since right now we have sunlight all the time, the local gym decided to offer 24-hour service. Tourism also plays a part in that.
So when we arrived at the pool for “swimming”, it was just us. Kayla clucked her tongue at the open pool, disappointed there were no men to show off for. Her pink string bikini had a few sequins which reflected the pool light. “Come on now,” I said in my green bikini. “We can still have two girl bikini fun without the audience.”

Kayla huffed but pushed me into the pool. The water wasn’t too cold, though that didn’t matter. Immediately she jumped in after me, her black hair floating around her underneath the pool. I pulled her body against mine underneath the water, pressing my lips against her. We kissed like that for some time, until she had to pull up for air. I followed. Kayla took my hands in hers and slowly brought them down her sides before letting go and swimming to the edge of the pool. She giggled as she watched me swim over to her.

“You’re enjoying this way too much,” she said in her playful voice.

“Two girl bikini pools are to be enjoyed,” I countered, and dove under the water, heading for her pussy.

I touched her pussy through her bikini, feeling her warmth between my fingers. Above the water, I thought she moaned, but she doesn’t stop me. Instead, she takes my hand and brings it even deeper between her legs. When I reach where she wants me, she moans louder. It’s easy to slip my fingers inside her bikini.

She presses herself into my fingers, moaning loudly as I finger fucked her, my head still underneath the surface. Her legs spread apart further, allowing me easier access to her pussy. I continue fingering her, going faster and faster. With each thrust, her hips are trembling. Mine are, though that’s due to being underwater. So, in a single movement, I move our two girl bikini bodies. I flip her onto her back, where she floats in the water, while I come up and plant my feet on the pool ground.

It’s much easier to access her like this, while her hair floats out behind her. Her breasts go to the sides, letting me see just how much volume they have. But my favorite part of water sex?

How absolutely easy it is to move her around. I smile and move my fingers back inside her pussy, thrilled now that the chlorine is gone and only the wet heat of her sex remains. What an absolutely horny voluptuous slut.

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