The company parties at my daytime office job are mind-numbing, so I wanted to celebrate my way with Christmas party sex at this year’s party. 

Christmas party sex is always about finding the perfect time to sneak away. Often, the party is forced and boring. It’s not officially mandatory to be there, but it’s “expected”. Plus, It’s always in the conference room at my company, which is filled with memories of doldrum gatherings. Thus, I might as well make my own fun, right?

Therefore, I need to dress the part. A quick little red dress to seem festive for the occasion. But it hugs my hips tightly enough to see my panty lines, and ending 2 inches below my butt doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. It’s a keyhole dress, so my cleavage still shows, though it comes up my neck like a turtle neck. I like to call it a peek-a-boo dress because guys get a little taste of what I’m wearing. Showing up to the party dressed in that red dress with a matching set of heels means I’m looking for a quicky.

Luckily, several of the office men know about my office Christmas party sex tradition. Suddenly eyes go from the low-effort food options and “bonuses”, and see the real reward I offer them. My reward is simple: a quick fuck with the hottie in the office, and skipping at least five minutes of the most inane drivel we have to deal with this year.  They get a blowjob or an office boob job and it’s back to the party with pep in their step.

And for me?

My goal is to hit up as many employees as possible at my company’s Christmas party for sex.

Now then, managers and bosses don’t count. My goal is all about helping the everyday working man. And if I can make a Christmas party a thousand times more bearable with Christmas party sex, I will.

So I make eye contact with one of the more senior employees across the room. I give him a wink while I take a drink, and jerk my head to the door. I leave, asking someone to watch my bag as they play corporate-themed board games, and she agrees. Within moments, I hide inside a spare janitorial closet, wondering if he will join me or not.

As it so happens, he decides to take me up on my Christmas party sex. The door opens and he quickly comes in. His heart beats so loud I can hear it, but rather than bring that up, I pull him into a kiss. “Merry Christmas,” I tell him, and kiss him again.

I sink to my knees and pull his cock out. “This okay?” I ask, and he nods, biting his fingers. It’s a thousand times better than whatever’s happening in the conference room, and I give a smile before swallowing him down.

I place his cock in the back of my throat as I swallow. I love giving intimate skilled blowjobs and this tiny closet does nothing to hinder that. As he pushes his cock into my mouth, I think about how glad I am to have come to the office Christmas party…and how lucky I am to give the Christmas party sex to all the employees who deserve it. Sometimes, being the company bicycle really pays!

Don’t you agree?

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