Barbara was the quintessential hot office secretary.

Everyone who worked in her office knew their hot office secretary kept things running smoothly. Though they had HR and office managers as go-betweens for office drones and the big boss, everyone knew Barbara was the one who kept things running.

For example, when the boss booked himself too many meetings, Barbara picked up the phone, opened up her sweet red lips, and seemingly seduced one party to another meeting. If someone seemed to be having a bad day, a quick pick me up of coffee, tea, and a private conversation with Barbara always perked them back up. 

But Barbara always went above and beyond what a secretary needed to do. Not only did she keep things running smoothly with her organizational and people skills. She also helped ease tension from heavy, stress-filled days. 

And, gazing at her huge breasts spilling out of her button-up white shirt didn’t hurt morale. Nor did looking at her tight ass, only covered by a little skirt and stockings. Her heels always clipped along the ground, her hair bouncing along with her breasts. Barbara was the best eye candy for a hot office secretary, and she knew it. 

But what made her even more attractive, is how everyone knew she was on the market. If you need some stress relief, well, what is better than sex? So one day, an intern, stressed out over work, asked his supervisor for help. The supervisor, of course, recommended Barbara. 

When the shy intern walked up to her desk, Barbara took one look over at him and leaned forward, her breasts framed by her arms as she leaned forward at her desk. 

“Need help?” 


So when the intern approached the hot office secretary, he thought his supervisor meant a trick played on the intern. But no, Barbara only smiled with her cherry-red lips and took his hand in hers, leading her back to the office nap room. She pulled him in and locked the door behind him, wasting no time pressing him against the door of the nap room. 

“Goodness,” she murmured against his lips. Her breasts pushed against his chest and her hips were wide open, pussy grinding against his thigh. When he looked down, he saw her skirt lifted above her big juicy ass. “You’re really worked up, huh?”

Weakly, the intern nodded, watching as she gave him a wink and slid herself down to his neck, his chest, and then his waist. She deftly began to undo her belt with french-tipped manicured nails. Never did he think the hot office secretary would actually fuck him! 

Barbara’s hands pulled out his swollen, hardening cock and she gave him a smile, kissing along his shaft. She kept her eyes on his as he moaned, his hands darting to her head. He pulled on the hot office secretary’s hair, a silent request to keep going, to engulf the head of his cock in her warm, wet mouth. 

Of course, she obliged.

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