During this sweet chastity torture, we’re going to do something a little less painful.

I want to tease you during your sweet chastity torture. To put it simply, I want cuddles.

That seems innocent, enough, right? I am totally naked with my big brown eyes, only covered in a plush robe that ends at my hips. You, completely clothed, with a chastity cage keep

My robe is really small for my person. In fact, you can see part of my areolas through it, and it doesn’t even cover my pussy at all. If you look between my thighs, you’ll note my bush as I come up to you and wrap my arms around you. I smile and give you a big kiss as I walk you into my living room, and to the loveseat in front of my fireplace.

It’s fine if we don’t fit. I’m going to just sit on your lap, kindly watching the fire for a few moments before I wrap my arms around you again, keeping you close to me. Most of tonight will be sweet chastity torture like this, by the way. I plan to rub myself up and down you, thinking about how hard you could be getting, if I let you.

But right now, I’m not letting you, and it’s fun. I start by rubbing my hands across your body. My hands are so soft, and my touch is gentle, but firm. I run my hands down your shoulders, to your pecs, down to your stomach. All over your clothes, of course, but I do tease underneath the hem of your shirt. “You feel good,” I tell you as I swing myself over your lap, and pull you into a kiss.
Your body tenses underneath my sweet chastity torture teasing.

I want to push it farther. As I deepen the kiss, I begin gyrating my hips against you.

I love the way your body shudders underneath me, trying so hard to not get hard. My hands begin to undo the belt around my robe, letting it fall to the floor. My lips travel down your mouth to your neck as I kiss and gasp against you, letting you feel how excited I am.

Now, I’m rubbing my body up against yours, completely naked, and I’m kissing your neck and jaw. When I touch you like this, it’s so hard not to moan. You feel amazing, and I love being in control of your body during sweet chastity torture. So my hand moves down, undoing your pants. You tense and try to keep yourself soft. In response, I can’t help but laugh at your attempt.

“Good boy,” I whisper, taking off your shirt. “You’re being so good for me, aren’t you?”

You whimper as I reward you by pulling that cage out.

Tell me, should I give you some sexy jerk off instructions for tonight? Or should I play with you by having you worship my pussy?


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