Sometimes a girl needs sex no matter the time, and that’s why I set up a steamy nighttime rendezvous last week

I mean, I didn’t mean for it to be a steamy nighttime rendezvous. But by the time I realized I couldn’t sleep, the sun had long set. When I get that way, the only thing that helps is sex. And it was the same thing last week. 

Picture me, if you will, in silky panties, and no bra. Tossing and turning in the dark light, I adjusted my double-D breasts. But even that wasn’t enough. I realized I needed more to take the edge off than just adjusting myself. So, half rubbing myself through my panties, I began texting all of my fuckbuddies. Most were very, very asleep, but Charles texted me back. 

“Wife home tho, but bb I want u bad…”

I weighed this for only a brief moment. Honestly, as horny as I was, I wasn’t thinking clearly. “Go to your garage on your weight bench,” I typed, “Leave the side door open.” I began hurrying to find my keys. My body pulsed with the idea of meeting Charles for a steamy nighttime rendezvous. I pulled on a coat, stepped into my boots, and honestly, I was too horny to care that I wore no other clothes. If anything, being naked underneath my coat made my body more sensitive, eager for the fucking to come.

I double-checked my phone one last time. 

“Kk,” Charles texted back. 

As I arrived at his house, I made sure to turn my car lights off.

There was no sense in alerting his wife, really. So I parked up the street, and decided to risk a naked dash to his garage. The thrill of being seen only fueled my lust. In fact, I hoped everyone knew exactly what was going on. Let them know Charles and I met for a steamy nighttime rendezvous. Let them know Charles had a great dick and I had a banging body, and we both loved sex so much we did it at any hour of the day. 

As I entered Charles’s garage, he lay ready on his workout bench, his legs wide apart and his dick hard and ready. When he saw me, he covered his mouth to keep from laughing. “No clothes, Elise?” he asked. “Really?” 

I smirked and straddled him, that good old fashioned cowgirl style. I moved my panties to the side and let him feel my wet pussy lips. For a few moments, I slid my pussy lips against his cock. 

“See why I needed this steamy nighttime rendezvous?” He groaned, and I leaned forward to give him a kiss. 

Of course, that’s when we heard the knock on the garage door. 

“I’m headed to bed!” 

His wife.

Charles took a moment to catch his breath. But right as he was about to call out his response, I slammed my hips down on his cock, forcing him into my hole. He groaned as I squeezed my pussy around him, my breath in his ear. 

“You know I need you right now, yeah?” I moved to kiss him. As I lifted my hips and sank back down, I heard his wife sigh and walk away from the door, no idea what we were doing.

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