I love to wake a guy up with some old fashioned cowgirl. 

I mean, I don’t start with old fashioned cowgirl in order to wake a guy up. No, not at all. When I fall asleep next to a guy, I have a few considerations to make. 

Did we have any foreplay? Then he gets foreplay.

I mean, I don’t mind if it was a quickie and we went roughly. Honestly, sometimes you need to scratch the itch. But if my partner was tender the night before, I put that into consideration. If he put effort into seducing me, it’s worth it to give him old fashioned cowgirl. 

For example, putting effort into foreplay involves kissing, but also backrubs. It involves hickies for me. Plus, breast fondling is included. I don’t have 32DDs for nothing! Guys who roll my nipples around in their fingertips, pinch and pull my breasts, or even just suck on them for a little bit all get A+ marks in my book.

If the foreplay is there, I know he wants to have me feel pleasure. And for that, I want to reward my one-night stand with a morning of old fashioned cowgirl. 

Did he give me oral? Then he gets oral. 

In that same vein, if he went ahead and licked my pussy? Definitely, he wanted me to feel good. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a cock in my mouth. But when there’s a mouth on my pussy, the pleasure is all mine. It isn’t a guy looking to use me to get off-  it’s about making me pleasurable, too. I can’t just come from giving blowjobs alone! So if a guy goes down on me, I actually have a surprise aside from the old fashioned cowgirl. 

Before he wakes up, I stroke his cock. In fact, I squeeze and pull, my stroking quickly turning into fondling. Fondling changes into pumping. And, finally, pumping turns into sucking, my mouth on his cock. After all, his kindness should be rewarded, right? I plan to make him arch in pleasure as he wakes, right before I ride him old fashioned cowgirl style. 

Did he ride me hard and put me away wet? Then he gets old fashioned cowgirl. 

When doing one-night stands, there are a variety of partners. Some are one pump chumps, coming even before entering my pussy. Some focus on themselves and not my clit during pentation. Yet others are great, giving me a connection with regular vanilla sex. And then, some guys fuck me hard, get me to cum multiple times, and then finish deep inside me. 

So long as we have a connection, I love to show my gratitude with old fashioned cowgirl sex. Thus, sucking on a guy’s cock isn’t enough to wake him up. I slide up on his body, giving him a kiss. My hips slide downwards after, pussy pressed against his thick, hard cock. 

And easily, his cock slips inside my tight, wet pussy as I begin to ride him. He wakes up with moans of pleasure, grunting as his hands find my hips. I keep up my old fashioned cowgirl riding, moving up and down, and working myself on his cock. 

After all, he worked so hard for me the night before. It’s only polite to repay the favor!  


Wanna get your own old fashioned cowgirl on with this phone sex operator? Don’t wait!

old fashioned cowgirl