Sometimes there’s nothing more needed than loving, regular vanilla sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I love kink, but sometimes I also crave regular vanilla sex. Kink sex is all about fun and occasionally about vulnerability. But sometimes, I want the emotional connection that comes with regular vanilla sex, too. Being able to look into someone’s face and read if they are enjoying themselves, and watching them come apart is an amazing connection. 

My regular vanilla sex always starts with some sort of foreplay. I love to kiss my partner and nibble on his ear. I always try to place kisses on their neck while I pull off their shirt and they undo my bra. The press of their warm chest against mine pools arousal in my gut. In fact, I nearly open my legs whenever this happens. But I always try to remove my lower garments, pants or skirt, and theirs before we get too far. Humping over clothes is fine, but a little too kinky for something intimate like regular vanilla sex. 

I love kissing during regular vanilla sex, too. The best kissing is when I’m underneath my partner, his cock rubbing against my stomach as my fingers dig into his shoulders. Most of the time my partner goes in for my breasts. They press kisses up down on my breasts. Plus, some give a few tugs on my nipples. All of this serves to stimulate me, stoking the heat in my belly. My breasts get heavy and sensitive as he pays them attention.

And each time he kisses or teases during regular vanilla sex, I am able to see his face and see exactly how much he enjoys himself. All of this turns me on even harder. In fact, after a few moments of this, my legs wrap around his hips to encourage him inside me. 

Two Combined As One

By this point, my pussy is wet, soaking, and it’s easy to slide right in. But usually, my partner doesn’t do so. Instead, they let me know I’m beautiful, gorgeous, and tell me they want to be inside me. This honest and open worship of one another is one of the few things regular vanilla sex gives me that kink doesn’t. There are no roles to play in regular vanilla sex; it’s just two people enjoying each other. And I love that. So when he asks, I always give them permission. 

When he enters me, I love to watch my partner’s face. I love to see how good my pussy feels for his cock. My body loves the intrusion that spreads me open and pulls my insides apart. I love chasing that feeling. I ask him to go faster while my hand moves to my clit, rubbing it to get my orgasm. After I ask, he speeds up and drives harder into me, chasing his own orgasm. When I rub my clit just right, he and I come together, both of us driven by lust and affection, shaking as we come. 

Regular vanilla sex is a great way to end a night of passion. But, it’s also a great way to have morning wake up sex, too! 

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regular vanilla sex