There’s nothing like morning wakeup sex to start the day, is there? 

If I should wake up before my partner, I love to engage in morning wakeup sex. I mean, he’s sleeping soundly, and there’s nothing like watching the sunlight hit his face. What’s better for a thank you for the night before? I mean, after some sleepy midnight sex, it’s great to awaken to a morning wake-up sex session, isn’t it? 

So, my partner lies in our bed, snoring. I’m already awake, but I think I could use just a little time to freshen up. Brush my teeth, wash my face, you know? I want to give him time to wake up if that’s an option. Besides, morning rituals help me clear my mind both for the day and for the hunt. 

And my partner is very, very much my prey right now. I saunter back over to the black and white striped bed sheets, which seem to glimmer in the morning light. He looks peaceful, though a glance between his legs tells me something has interest. 

It doesn’t take much to throw back the sheet and crawl between his legs. In fact, he closes his legs around me as if seeking out warmth. In response, I lean in and lick the head of his cock, going down his shaft gently. 

That makes his cock stir, but my lover hasn’t moved whatsoever. Instead, he groans a little and nuzzles his pillow, the part that has been warmed by the rays of sunlight streaming through our window.

I might have to go harder. For example, I take him down my throat and swallow him. 

He Wakes Up

Of course, he doesn’t wake up to this. Despite me sucking him as best as I can, he only seems to grunt and moan. Nothing. That’s alright, though. It’s part of morning wakeup sex. At some point, he’s going to wake up- in the climax or before. 

I pull away from his cock, another idea on my mind. “Don’t mind me, baby,” I tell him, and move my hips over his. With my hand, I adjust his cock underneath my pussy, his head tickling my pubic hair. After a moment, I let myself sink down. 

That gets him up. He gasps like I just tased him. His eyelashes flutter open and I squeeze my pussy around him for good measure. Then, I lift myself up… and sink back down again. 

“E-Elise?” he asks me, breathless. I lean forward to kiss him and then continue fucking myself on his cock. 

“Morning, love. Thought you wanted some morning wakeup sex.” I lean back, moaning at a particularly hard drop; his cock stretches me out so very, very well. 

“Nice surprise,” he murmurs back to me and grabs my hips. Without any effort, he flips me over, so I’m beneath him now. As soon as he thrusts himself inside, he leans in and gives me a kiss. “Good girl.”  

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