Sleepy midnight sex is the best way to play. 

Seriously, you just wake up softly to pleasure, have some sleepy midnight sex, and then go back to sleep. It’s like a much more intense version of a wet dream. 

Before I start, I want to point out that my FWB and I have both agreed on waking the other up if we want sleepy midnight sex. All acts between us are consensual, and we’ve discussed playing with each other beforehand. 

I love my sleepy FWB. Often, Beth and I have weekends of playing together. Our days start with kisses and other activities. For example, we might have late-night movies. Then, we end up asleep, curled up next to each other. Admittedly, it’s a little less wild than our lesbian club sex. But you know, sometimes it’s nice to have a friend. Especially a 5’3 friend with 28D tits and gorgeous red hair. 

Despite having my tits out on display, or wearing a too-short skirt, or even kissing into Beth’s ears, (she loves that), Beth gave me no reaction the first evening. Even when I kissed her neck, she seemed preoccupied. However, she assured me everything was ok, and with a twinkle in her eye, asked me why I was wondering. 

Cheeky. I supposed she wanted some sleepy midnight sex. 

Beth has always loved sensation and party and play. She’ll do drugs and E just to feel herself go limp and lovely. So giving her an out of body experience was right up my alley. Even if it did mean I’d have to take care of her first. 

Honestly, that’s really no hardship. Beth is 5’3 with 28D tits and a booty to match. She’s got red hair and green eyes; she’s gorgeous.

Waking Her Up

I always start waking Beth up by playing with her breasts. My hands find her nipples, over her clothes. Within moments, I have my hands sliding over her stomach and under her shirt, returning to those gorgeous nipples as I circle them with my fingers. 

In reality, the best part of somnophilia is that Beth, when sleeping, is honest. Her body tensed up as her breath hitched. Clearly, she loved what I was doing to her. Furthermore, as I suckled a nipple in my mouth, her whole body arched upwards. 

Kissing down her belly gave the same reaction. After a moment, I kissed soft hickies into her stomach, and all I got in return was a little moan. And, as I kissed downwards towards her thong, she began to stir. 

“Keep going, ‘Lise.” 

“Of course,” I responded, kissing her thigh. “Really, glad to see you awake, sleepyhead.” 

In response, she spread her legs open for me. Within moments, she moved her thong to the side. 

“You know what to do,” she told me. Then she put her hands in my hair, tightening their grip. “Let me sleep after. Make it good, Elise.” 

I only nodded. Instead of an answer, I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over my lips. When she tugged me forward, I pressed the first of many kisses on her pussy. 


I know you’re waiting for what happens next!

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