Sal’s is the best place to have of lots lesbian club sex.

Hell, it’s a place I’ve had lots of club sex in general, not just lesbian club sex. It’s a small club or bar and locally owned and run. On the weekends, the bar is rearranged to fit a club atmosphere, complete with EDM and strobe lights. I always make sure to visit these nights, because I never walk away disappointed. 

That’s where I found myself when I first saw my partner. I was at the bar, drinking a Long Island, and my eyes picked up on her. 

It isn’t hard to spot another lady who loves ladies. There’s a trick to it. Always look for a woman who is staring at other ladies’ boobs and butts, and you’ve probably found at least, a bisexual. And when they grind against another woman’s boobs, then you’ve most likely found yourself a slut. (And if she and you are both drunk, hitting on each other and found a man to share, you’ve got yourself a night of some great lesbian accomplice play). Lesbian club sex is almost guaranteed with those ladies.

That’s how I found her on the dance floor. Without fail, she was grinding against ladies, her hips gyrating and circling on fronts. Breasts pressed together, and she laughed when someone would pull away, ready to find her next partner. She moved gracefully, her smokey eyes zeroing in on her next target. Her heels clicked on the floor as she moved to the beat and her light-brown hair tossed wildly with each snap of her head. 

Dancing Next to Her

Sometimes, you can just tell someone needs to get laid. And this was one of those times. This lady was in serious need of some sex, and soon. So, why not give her what she needed? Why not give her some lesbian club sex? 

I chugged the rest of my drink. Setting the drink down, I moved to the dance floor with purpose. My hips swayed, my hair flickered, and my earrings jingled a little bit on my necklace. Without fail, I looked like a predator. 

As the woman’s dance partner moved away, I made my move. Coming up behind my lady, I moved my right hand over her stomach, pressing her into mine. Being so large, my breasts squished against her back, but she didn’t move away from that. If anything, she began to grind herself against me even more. 

In an instant, she spun around, her eyes going big at the sight of me. She’d gone for a surprise move, but I was prepared. Despite her surprise, I opened my mouth and leaned forward, pressing a kiss against hers. When she opened her mouth in surprise, I only deepened the kiss. 

Of course, she kissed back. Her tongue found mine as we ground against each other on that floor. Our tongues wrestled for a few moments, both of us tasting each other, and finally, finally, she pulled away. 

“Bathroom,” she demanded. We practically ran there together. 

In the Bathroom

The kindest thing about lesbian club sex is how easy it is to hook up. I followed her to the bathroom, and no one was any the wiser. We locked the door behind us and she pulled up her skirt, jumping onto the sink. 

Honestly, the most beautiful bush waited for me. She had light brown curls framing her slit. And, I couldn’t keep my hands to myself at that point. Instinctively, I reached down to pet those soft curls. Plus, it gave her a little bit of a tease. My fingers moving gingerly up and down her curls, so close to that delicious spot inside of her. 

However, she didn’t seem cut out for teasing. Instead, she glared at me, daggers into my eyes. I only smiled back at her, smirking. Slowly, I moved my head to the inside of her thighs, breathing over her pussy. 

Then, I kissed the inside of her thigh, letting my fingers do the work. It had the intended effect; she began to groan, and her hands gripped my hair. Despite my fingers moving up and down inside her, her hands dragged my head over to her center. And with such a desperate command, I gave in. I began licking on that delicious pussy with my mouth, sucking on that clit. 

She gasped, her hips turning upwards so I could get more of her clit in my mouth. I smiled and pushed my fingers deep inside. Of course, this did exactly what I wanted it to. Within moments, she began to squirt all over my neck and chest. 

I pulled away. “My turn,” I demanded.

In response, a big grin covered her face.


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