Bill had nothing to offer me, his findom goddess, so I had to cuckold my useless paypig.

In order to cuckold my useless paypig, I contacted my friend David. 

See, here’s the thing. Bill stated about a year ago he wanted to give me a tribute. He wanted to give me gifts for the sake of giving. Bill loved giving me cash so that I controlled him. 

But then, Bill began to get uppity. Any payment had notes attached. “Maybe touch my cock?” Or, “Do you wanna see me, baby?” And then, he sent a photo of his pathetic genitals. 

Really, I began to wonder if Bill remembered our arrangement. “Do not bother me with your cock, Bill,” I scolded him. “The only thing you are able to give me is money. Nothing else about you gives me any pleasure.” At that point, I did not plan to cuckold my useless paypig. I wanted to give him a chance.

After watching him begin to type a reply, I added, “You swore to give me money. Do you need me to send our contract to your wife?” After a moment, I gave Bill the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he wanted to end it, but didn’t have the courage. “Do you want to end the relationship, Bill?” 

Surprisingly, his tune didn’t change. “Contact her. We know you need a real cock in your life, baby. My money is my cock. Until you fuck me, slut, you don’t get another penny.” 

Well, I wasn’t about to take that. As soon as I read his note, I immediately planned to cuckold my useless paypig.

Enter David

David was everything Bill wasn’t. Bill was squat and overweight. While he was over 6’, David was nearly 7’, which made him massive. And David had a cock at about 10 inches. Given that the largest cock on record is 12, belonging to a Japanese man (and he blacks out nearly any erection he gets), I felt very secure that Bill’s cock was the lesser of the two. 

David agreed to fuck me and cuckold my useless paypig. I showed him my outfit and he agreed. I had a blue translucent pair of panties, and a cute translucent teddy nighty. Getting Bill’s attention was easy enough. From the hotel room, David took a picture of me laying on the bed, the hotel logo in the photo along with my keycard room number. I then texted Bill, “Look at what your CC gets me!” 

Of course, Bill gave a response. But I don’t really care what he wrote; at that point I threw my phone into my purse and began to suck on David’s very big cock. 

Enter Bill

Within 15 minutes, Bill showed up in the room. This sad, pathetic loser began taking off his clothes, announcing himself. However, his bravado stopped as he turned on the lights. 

For there, in the hotel bed, I lay spread apart as my photo suggested. But he went white seeing David above me, ramming his cock into my bushy pussy. I smiled as I turned to Bill, and gave him a wink. “Cuckold, my useless paypig,” I began, but David filled me again with his cock, hitting so deep inside I forgot what I wanted to say after. 


Let’s get our fetish phone sex on! Treat yourself and call me!

cuckold my useless paypig