As a cum stealing woman, I need to take what I want, and what I want is your cum.


I plan to tie you down and rob you of your precious resource, as this nasty cum stealing woman self of mine.

It is pointless to move. I just want to point that out. I still want you to do it, of course. Please squirm to try and fight the bindings at your wrists and ankles holding you to the bed. The more you squirm around, the hotter my belly gets. Plus, I really want you to cry a little for me, you know? I love it when my prey gets so very helpless before I steal cum from them.

I’m sorry that I took off your clothes beforehand, but you see, I really love watching your body. The way your chest flushes gets me excited. Seeing your arms strain under your bonds makes my heart flutter just a little bit. And seeing that cock you have, with those balls full of all that nice good cum for me, well. That makes my pussy drip all the way down my thighs.

But you can see that, can’t you? After all, I’m not wearing anything myself, other than thigh-high boots. I’m not even wearing nipple pasties, though I do have a hand on my 36DD breast, rolling my nipple around in my hand. I have a riding crop in my other hand. Thinking of how I’m going to go through with being a cum stealing woman tonight is making my hole twitch.

I move closer to the bed, right where you can see me now. I bend over, letting my breasts catch your eye. Is your cock twitching with interest? I hope so. I want it to be nice and full when I climb on top of you.

How can I be a cum stealing woman if your body doesn’t prep any cum for me?

Soon, my riding crop slides gently over and under your shaft, stroking it. Get nice and full for me, you hear? In a few moments, I’m going to be on top of you. I promise the sensation will drive you wild. Maybe I should use these dark red lips of mine, hmm? I crawl up onto the bed and open my lips just enough for the tip of your cock.

Of course, your cock betrays you. It gets hard instantly in the mouth of a cum stealing woman.

That’s exactly what I want. I smile and climb on top of you, my legs swinging over. Are you still struggling for me? Good. I line you up with my pussy and sink myself down, groaning at the thought of your shaft inside me. Now when you come, you’ll have to put it inside me, right? There’s no other choice.

I lean forward and give you a kiss, encouraging you to let go inside me. In addition, my pussy squeezes your cock again and again, trying to suck up that cum straight from your balls.

This isn’t the only orgasm I plan to give you today. In fact, I plan to stay on you until you give me at least 5 loads. Are you ready for it?

You know, if you survive these rounds, I might keep you as my pet. Can you imagine your life with a cum stealing woman? Maybe next time I could keep you around in chastity, and give you quick chastity release whenever I need my dose of cum.

What do you think?


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