Babe, let me give you a sizzling hot striptease.

Seriously, for me to give you this sizzling hot striptease, you need to sit down in that hotel chair. You can touch yourself. That’s fine. However, you cannot touch me. Understand? Good. 

I prance out of the bathroom with a pleated skirt and an off-the-shoulder red sweater. I wear a garter belt under my skirt, holding up sheer black thigh highs. Although the light in our hotel room is dim, it still reflects off my silver stripper shoes as I begin to dance. 

I shimmy my body. My hips bounce with the beat of a nonexistent song, maybe my own heartbeat. Though my moves are slow, I’m flexible. At one point, I’m underneath and wrapped around my own leg. I unwrap only to show that my red sweater has fallen off, and I toss it to you, starting the stripping part of our sizzling hot striptease. When my sweater flies by, my body heat radiates off of it. 

When you regain your vision, my eyes are fixed on you. As you glance down my flushed body, you notice my bra is a mesh bra. The high skirt has suspenders that come over my bra. I turn around and bend over the bed, lifting up the skirt. 

Between my round asscheeks is a cute little thong. 

Watch My Ass Bounce

As you watch, my ass twerks and claps against itself. The skirt moves high and low, flapping with each bounce my asscheeks give. Despite me pulling my ass apart, you cannot see my hole. The thong covers it just enough to leave my dusty rose to your imagination. 

My back arches and I stand. As a result, the skirt falls to the floor, loose from my quiet working and pulling in the front. Then, I give you a grin as I spin once, twice. Suddenly, my bra is flying off in the sizzling hot striptease, too. Next, I lean forward to where you are, my breasts swinging free. 

“Remember, no touching,” I remind you and swing myself forward. When I do,  my breasts nearly touch your lips. Rather than focus on that, however, I grind just above your lap as I pull on my thong, somehow sneaking it down my right thigh and then left thigh. As a result, your mind goes from my breasts to my pussy and back and forth again.

But don’t worry. Rest assured, I have a plan to get your focus on my pussy.

As I pull back, my pussy nearly hits your face with my hip twisting. In response, I smile and laugh as I swing my leg over your head. Then, I crawl back onto the bed. After all, if you don’t see the goods, is it really a sizzling hot striptease?

The End of the Sizzling Hot Striptease

I lay back on the pillows, my legs spread. My hips are set wide enough that my pussy is clearly visible with the stretch. So, I slide my fingers up and down my clit, making sure you see. “Off and on,” I remind you, as I vary my right hand from clit to tunnel, tunnel to labia, labia to clit. 

My fingertip always feels fantastic over my clit, and I stare at you as I rub myself. Don’t you wish you were rubbing me? Licking me? 

Well, why don’t you call and cross that bridge between us?

If you want to give me a dripping wet orgasm, then call for some hot phone sex!

sizzling hot striptease